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Evo October 2017

Produced by world-class motoring journalists and racers, evo communicates the raw emotion of owning, driving and testing the world’s greatest performance cars. Bringing together informative car reviews, vivid photography, exciting track tests and dramatic drive stories in glorious landscapes, evo is considered the bible for performance car enthusiasts.

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2 min.
ed speak

I SUSPECT YOU’VE READ AT LEAST ONE HEADLINE proclaiming that by 2040 the last new petrol- and diesel-engined cars will have been sold in Britain, the motoring public forced into automobiles powered exclusively by electricity. I imagine you then read a little deeper to educate yourself on the matter only to discover that really this isn’t going to happen at all. This is the problem when politics and the motor industry mix. The former has absolutely no idea how the latter works or, indeed, what it is capable of. Not in some malevolent way, you understand, although the idea of the engineers at Jaguar building an XJ that vaporises unwanted politicians once the armoured doors have sealed shut does have an appeal. Rather, the motor industry is a remarkable machine that still…

5 min.
hyundai shoots for the stars

HY UNDA I’S DECISION TO ENTER THE WOR LD OF performance cars is a bold one. A reputation for affordable family motors and long warranty periods doesn’t necessarily go hand in hand with driving thrills and Nürburgring lap times. But campaigning a car in the World Rally Championship on and off for 17 years has gradually and subtly given the Korean brand a more sporting persona. Since 2014 the i20 WRC car has been wearing the ‘N’ badging of Hyundai’s performance sub-brand; now the first road car to wear that letter, the i30 N, has arrived. The N, by the way, references Hyundai’s global R&D centre in Namyang, South Korea, although another place beginning with N, in a mountainous region of Germany, also played a role in this car’s development. If…

2 min.
rolls-royce’s new opulent express

I T’S NOT AS IF THE EXISTING Phantom, launched in 2003, had relinquished its claim to be the world’s best überlimo. But its eighth-generation successor – built around an allnew aluminium-matrix modular architecture that will serve the forthcoming Cullinan SUV as well as other future Rolls-Royces – is aiming not just to raise the bar, but to put it out of reach. Phantom VII had unusual, but highly distinctive, proportions. The new car is the work of Giles Taylor and his design team and is all about flow. It looks more traditionally balanced front-torear, with a swage line beginning just inboard from the top edge of the grille and moving outwards along the body to the tapered rear. The most potent aesthetic is the grille itself. For the first time on…

1 min.
evo track evening: 7 july, bedford autodrome

IT WAS A FULL HOUSE OF ATTENDEES for evo’s first ‘home’ track evening of 2017 at the Bedford Autodrome. The result was a pitlane abuzz with chatter and a delicious spread of metal, ranging from a tidy Clio 182 Trophy all the way to a stealth-spec McLaren 570S, with a wide variety of shapes and sizes in between – all against the backdrop of a gently setting sun and the unmistakable aroma of cooling brakes and hot rubber. Toasty ambient temperatures meant there was bags of grip on track for the cars to exploit, with the 2.8-mile South-West Circuit’s final corner – a fast, sweeping right-hander – goading drivers in all but the most powerful cars to take it flat. Only those at the wheel will ever know the truth… If you…

4 min.
aftermarket alloy wheels

THE MAJOR CAR MAKERS have a pretty good strike rate in styling alloy wheels for the cars that matter. Think air-cooled Porsche 911s, many a Ferrari, fast BMWs galore, RS Audis, Ford Escort XR3 and Puma, Lancia Delta Integrale, Peugeot 205 GTI 1.9 – and others you’re already shouting about That might have made things difficult for aftermarket alloy wheels makers, but when a wheel becomes ubiquitous, there are always those who want to stand out from the crowd, even if that crowd congregated to celebrate good taste. It’s slightly different today. Car makers have cottoned on to the financial potential of offering a choice of alloys, in a variety of sizes, and many of those wheels are good lookers. Why trawl the aftermarket when it’s so easy to just tick another…

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concours celebrates elegance

THIS SEPTEMBER , THE AUTOMOTIVE summer will draw to a close at the sixth annual Concours of Elegance, to be held at Hampton Court Palace in Surrey. Presented in association with evo’s sister magazine Octane, the event takes place on 1-3 September and will feature a vast array of exotic machinery. Many of these cars will be available for viewing on the club displays – this year’s event is being supported by the Ferrari, Aston Martin, Jaguar and Bentley owners’ clubs, to name just a few – while the most exquisite examples will participate in the concours itself. The entry list is spectacular and diverse, although the era of ’50s and ’60s sportscar racing is particularly well represented. It’s tough to pick a star car, but the ex-Graham Hill 1962 Ferrari 250…