Based in London, Bianca Marquez is a certified coach in the personal performance space

Bianca has been helping people navigate change and transformation for over seven years. After a successful career helping design, deliver and implement large-scale organisational change and transformation, Bianca now coaches, trains and mentors women on how to create long-lasting change and transformation in their personal lives and careers.

Specialising in self-discovery, personal development and wellbeing, Bianca is passionate about empowering women to successfully achieve their goals and aspirations. She provides a variety of online coaching and facilitation services to professional women, entrepreneurs and consultants, including personal and professional coaching, workshops, training and mentoring opportunities.

Bianca’s approach to her practice is holistic in nature, looking beyond the surface to tap into your spiritual essence to unleash your untapped potential. As a result of her varied and wide-ranging skills, knowledge and experience, Bianca says, 'You'll experience a deeper and more meaningful experience of personal growth, change and transformation with my approach.’


She says, 'It’s important to pay attention to the state of your mental health. When you have good emotional health, you can keep your life’s many moving parts under control and deal with a wide range of feelings without letting them take over.


She says, 'It’s important to pay attention to the state of your mental health. When you have good emotional health, you can keep your life’s many moving parts under control and deal with a wide range of feelings without letting them take over.’

Emotional wellbeing enables you to work efficiently while dealing with the challenges of daily life. It can boost your potential, as mental health and physical health are linked. Some of the benefits of positive emotional wellbeing include lower blood pressure, a lower risk of heart disease, and a healthy weight.

Bianca says, 'There are many methods by which you can improve and maintain emotional wellness.'


Think before you act: Let yourself have time to reflect and be calm before saying or doing something you may come to regret.

Manage stress: Discover how to relax in order to manage stress. Meditation, deep breathing, and exercise are good examples. Activities such as a short walk, listening to your favourite music, taking a bath, practicing meditation and deep breathing are all good places to start for management of stress levels.

Balance: Strive for a good mix of work and play, as well as activity and rest. Make time for activities you enjoy.

Maintain your physical wellness: Work out on a regular basis, consume nutritious foods, and get enough sleep. Don't experiment with drugs or alcohol. Avoid physical health affecting your emotional wellbeing.

Find purpose and meaning: Choose what’s most important to you in life and focus on it. This could include your family, career, volunteering, caring for others. Do what matters to you.

Maintain an optimistic attitude: Concentrate on the positive aspects of your life. Forgive yourself and others for making errors. Spend time with folks who are healthy and positive.

Make an effort: Every 90 minutes, engage in some form of physical activity. Exercise. Dance. Fold the laundry. Go outside if the weather permits. Walk around. Run. Go to a park.

Establish a routine: Make a timetable that balances your job with the life you want. Schedule your meetings. Block time to establish goals. Make space for reading. Make a new dish. Play some music.

Forgive: Forgive others as well as yourself. Forgiveness allows you to retain your authority. Forgiveness makes it possible to live in the present moment. Forgiveness enables growth and pleasure.

Do something to help others: Offer to do something for someone you know or don't know that you won't be compensated for. Get shopping for a neighbour. Try online volunteering. Send 'thank you' messages.

Sleep: Good sleep allows your body to restore itself. Sleep refreshes your brain so you can manage your memories and digest information.

Be self-aware: Take note of the ideas, acts, habits, and personality qualities that serve you well, then you'll be prepared when you identify what has to be changed. You'll just know.


Bianca says, 'When you challenge and overcome adversity, you'll find that you develop greater resilience. Remember, you have all you need to take care of your mental wellbeing.'

Find out more about Bianca and her services:

Website: www.marquezbeecoaching.co.uk

Email: info@marquezbeecoaching.com