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GP Racing UK April 2018

Every month, its stunning photography and unrivalled journalism gives readers unparalleled access to the world of grand prix racing. GP Racing captures the drama, asks the questions, and delivers the comment on Formula 1 - one of the most popular and exciting sports in the world.

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a crucial season is finally upon us

This is a big year for Formula 1, most likely a defining one in terms of framing its future shape and direction of travel. We’re used, after a season of Liberty’s being at the helm, to the sport being owned by an ambitious, marketing-savvy media giant; under their tenure a far more open atmosphere has blossomed within the paddock, for which they deserve great credit. Last season, though, Liberty got a little lucky as we were treated to a right old ding-dong between Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel for most of the year. When the track action’s right, it does a lot to quiet dissent, and it bought Liberty some time to begin rolling out their plans for taking F1 to the people. They unshackled social media coverage and staged the London Live…

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NICO ROSBERG With hard-hitting views on his former rivals — including Lewis — the 2016 world champion gives us his thoughts on the season ahead (p34) STEVEN TEE As McLaren’s official team photographer, Tee enjoys a close working relationship with our cover star Fernando Alonso. Portraits on p98 THOMAS BUTLER When we took a handful of fortune cookies to Nico Rosberg (p34), Thomas shot his reaction to every question hidden inside ANTHONY PEACOCK With a fondness for fast cars and all things Italian, Anthony relished talking to Charles Leclerc about the new Ferrari Portofino (p108)…

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A new season dawns The first test at Barcelona was beset by bad weather, which punctuated running for every team. But when I looked at the forecast, there was a chance the sun would appear on the morning of the second day. In the last couple of years it’s been impossible to stand in the spot where I took this shot, because they had removed a lot of the Armco barriers, but they were back in place this year. I’m looking back towards Turn 10, the tight left-hander at the end of the back straight, and just as Sebastian Vettel came into view, the sun broke from behind the clouds and cross-lit the scarlet Ferrari. After that there was very little sunshine for the rest of the test. Where Barcelona, Spain When 9.15am, Tuesday 27 February…

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a piece of the action

“I’M REALLY PROUD OF SEEING PARTS I DESIGNED OUT ON THE TRACK” “THERE’S A LOT OF TRACK WORK TO DO; IT’S NOT A CASE OF ‘GO GET THE COFFEE’” “I’M WORKING IN THE AERO DEPARTMENT, FOCUSING ON TESTING” The thrill of witnessing a freshly launched Formula 1 car run for the first time is unbeatable. The almost imperceptible changes in the sculpting of the bodywork, the slight shift in the engine noise, the tweaks to the livery and the sheer possibilities of this new car have a unique magic. What if you’re tied to that 25,000-piece work of high-speed art by something more than just being a fan? Suppose you are a member of the team. Now suppose that you are one of the three personnel on site. Let’s say a trio from…

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f1 insider

“ MERCEDES ARE THE BENCHMARK, THE FAVOURITE.IF RUMOURS OF 1,000BHP ARE CORRECT, THAT IS GOING TO PUT THEM IN A MIGHTY POSITION”CHRISTIAN HORNER WHO CAN STOP THE BIG THREE? 01 Mercedes vs Ferrari vs Red Bull – is that the shape of Formula 1 2018? It looked rather like it after the initial stages of pre-season testing in Barcelona. Of course, it is difficult to glean too much precise information about competitiveness from running at an exceptionally cold (and recently resurfaced) Circuit de Catalunya – too many variables apply. But it did not escape anyone’s notice that when the teams were going through the homework of proving their cars, focusing on little other than making sure they worked over the initial stages of testing, before the complications of true performance runs, the big three…

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the month’s big stories at a glance

05.02.18 Liberty announce ‘grid kids’ initiative for all grands prix 07.02.18 FIA tighten boundaries on ‘oil burn’ engine tricks 15.02.18 Robert Kubica reveals he will drive for Williams in FP1 in Spain, Austria and Abu Dhabi 19.02.18 Ex-McLaren aerodynamicist Doug McKiernan joins Williams as chief engineer 20.02.18 McLaren to switch fuel supplier from Castrol to Petrobras in 2019 20.02.18 Formula 2 driver Jack Aitken named as Renault’s reserve 22.02.18 Force India deny they are up for sale 23.02.18 FIA issue new directive on engine equality for customers 27.02.18 F1 launches new web streaming service…