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vettel got off lightly in baku

Eight races. Well, it took longer than expected. The back-slapping bonhomie of that post-race press conference at the Spanish GP in May now seems a very long time ago. In the wake of Baku, the Lewis Hamilton vs Sebastian Vettel duel has ratcheted up a notch or three, with 12 of the season’s 20 races still to run. Juicy. In this space a couple of months ago, I suggested the pair were hardly “F1’s Federer and Nadal” and even admitted we hoped for “a bit of niggle” in a two-hander that promises to be one for the ages. And lo, they deliver. And then some. But before we go any further, some perspective. It’s not as if Vettel speared into Hamilton at 150mph at Turn 1 in front of a full pack…

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JAMES ROBERTS Jimmy first met Lewis Hamilton when Lewis was racing in Formula Renault in 2002. This month, they lap Silverstone (p42) MALCOLM GRIFFITHS ‘King’ Malcolm was sworn to secrecy ahead of our exclusive trip to Valencia to witness Robert Kubica’s F1 test comeback, on page 36 PINO ALLIEVI Writing for La Gazzetta dello Sport, Allievi is one of the most respected journalists in F1. Read his thoughts on Ferrari’s return to form on p82 ANTHONY PEACOCK There was sheer joy on the face of our man Anthony ‘Piccolo’ Peacock when he was wowed by Nigel Mansell’s magic (p52)…

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lewis plays patriot games

A few years ago I remember Lewis Hamilton winning in Montréal and coming down the pitlane waving a Union Jack; I wondered if he might do the same again this time. I was shooting the end of the race from Turn 1 and afterwards sprinted back to the pits and waited near parc fermé, just underneath the podium. Sure enough, Lewis did come down the pitlane holding a British fag again. Because this was taken on a 600mm lens, it creates a low depth of field so you can see the heat haze coming off the back of the car. You can also see all the dead bugs and bits of rubber that have splattered across the front of the Mercedes. Photographer : Lorenzo Bellanca Where Montréal, Canada When 3.28pm, Sunday 11 June 2017 Details Canon EOS-1DX…

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celebrating a stroll to the podium

About an hour and a half after the end of the Azerbaijan GP, Williams organised a celebratory photograph with Lance Stroll and their team of mechanics in the pitlane in front of their garage. After such a difficult start to the 18-year-old’s rookie year, it was great to see him enjoying the adulation from his first podium finish, and I managed to capture this shot of him being held aloft by his team. We had to wait for Williams to finish their race debrief, so it was quite late, and well after sunset, by the time this picture was taken. But I was lucky because Lance has been lit up by the fash going off from someone else’s camera. Photographer : Lorenzo Bellanca Where Baku, Azerbaijan When 8.21pm, Sunday 25 June 2017 Details Canon EOS-1DX MkII,…

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hamilton holds on to a slender lead

One of the big stories from that crazy race in Baku was of Lewis Hamilton’s headrest coming loose soon after the race had restarted following the red-fag stoppage. I was standing at the first corner and could see that he was trying to clip it back into position as he came down the straights. What I like about this picture is the early-evening sun casting long shadows across the track and, in the distance, the shimmering Ferrari of Sebastian Vettel hunting down the leading Mercedes. In the end Lewis had to pit to have his headrest replaced, while Vettel was penalised for his moment of madness. So ultimately both lost out. Photographer : Lorenzo Bellanca Where Baku, Azerbaijan When 6.29pm, Sunday 25 June 2017 Details Canon EOS-1DX MkII, 600mm lens, 1/3200th @ F4.5…

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reflecting on a strong weekend

Late on Friday afternoon I was positioned on the outside of Turn 12 of the Baku City Circuit, the first left-hander after the fiddly, narrow ‘Castle’ section of the lap. One of the great things about the race in Azerbaijan is that the session timings are late, so you get these pools of soft light that fall between the buildings and trees. This was taken just after six in the evening on the first day of practice. It was technically difficult to get Valtteri Bottas’s helmet in the light, while the rest of the Mercedes is in darkness. The other upshot was to get a ‘tiger print’ effect of the buildings refected in the engine cover. Photographer : Steven Tee Where Baku, Azerbaijan When 6.14pm, Friday 23 June 2017 Details Canon EOS-1DX MkII, 600mm lens, 1/2000th @…