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Every month, its stunning photography and unrivalled journalism gives readers unparalleled access to the world of grand prix racing. GP Racing captures the drama, asks the questions, and delivers the comment on Formula 1 - one of the most popular and exciting sports in the world.

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it's all about the money, money, money…

As Formula 1’s proposed 2021 revolution gathers momentum, the gears of its political machine squeal as they slowly but surely drive the championship away from the mists of lofty ideals – better racing, sustainability and closer competition – and towards the clear skies of cold, hard reality – compromise. Nothing is agreed until everything is agreed, of course, but important details are reaching definition. A budget cap of $175million per year appears to command broad consensus, mainly because it is slightly higher than the midfield teams wanted and slightly lower than the big teams wanted. The cap will not cover driver salaries, engines and marketing expenses, sensible when you consider the principal aim is restricting the aerodynamic development largely responsible for the competitive chasm behind Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull. Depending on what…

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EDD STRAW Straw started reporting on F1 in 2008. This month's column is on Valtteri Bottas (p28) and he also interrogated Damon Hill (p86) ALISTER THORPE This month Thorpe was invited to Claire Williams's Ascot home where she agreed to be photographed for a Long Interview (see p72) STUART CODLING A trip to the south of France led our executive editor, Codders, to meet Dan Ricciardo during a Renault demonstration run, see page 96 JAMES ROBERTS Jimmy's chat with Claire Williams covers life growing up around F1, right up to the present day as Williams deputy team principal, p72…

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Close encounters of the Monaco kind Monaco is always a great place for photographers because nowhere else do you get as close to the cars as here. After shooting the start at the exit of the tunnel, I spent the last 20 minutes of the race next to the guardrail just before the chicane. I was watching Max Verstappen close on Lewis Hamilton and stayed in position just in case he attempted a move. That happened two laps from the end, as Verstappen attempted a pass on the inside. Luckily I was on a wide angle lens and high shutter speed, so I was able to capture the move in its entirety. Only when I saw a replay on TV did I realise how close I was to Verstappen. Photographer Hasan Bratic Where Monte Carlo, Monaco When…

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f1 insider

01 WHY IS MERC SO FAST THIS YEAR? In the fight between Ferrari and Mercedes, it is slow-corner performance that has emerged as the key area of improvement for Mercedes in 2019. For all the tenths of a second that Ferrari gains on the straights – thanks to an engine power advantage and a more aero-efficient car – Mercedes claws that back and more with pace in slow turns. The W10 now allows Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas to brake late, carry extra speed and swiftly rotate the car through the corners. “It is clearly a big improvement since last year,” says Bottas. “We saw in some of the slow-speed corners we were not the best but now we have made huge steps and definitely the front end of the car is a…

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the month’s big stories at a glance

20.05.19 W Series points leader Jamie Chadwick joins Williams as a development driver 21.05.19 A proposed layout for a GP in Rio de Janeiro is unveiled, but a race is not expected before 2021 21.05.19 Kyalami owner ‘committed’ to hostin g grand prix amid F1 interest 22.05.19 Italian Formula 4 racer Leonardo Lorandi is appointed a Renault “affiliate driver” 24.05.19 F1 abandons its plan to switch to a standard gearbox in 2021 02.06.19 Lewis Hamilton reveals on David Letterman’s show he could race in F1 for another five years 06.06.19 March co-founder Robin Herd passes away at the age of 80 13.06.19 F1 chiefs agree to delay the presentation of the 2021 regulations until late October PICTURES: SAM BLOXHAM; ANDY HONE; STEVE ETHERINGTON…

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f1 mastermind

Q1 What has Lance Stroll managed to do in a GP that team-mate Sergio Pérez has yet to achieve? Q2 How many Dutch Formula 1 GPs have not been held at Zandvoort? Q3 Which engine manufacturer has more world championship F1 race wins: Ford or Renault? Q4 Who drove for Tyrrell in the team’s final season in Formula 1 in 1998? Q5 Who is the most recent Formula 1 driver to be born in London? Q6 In what year did Mark Webber win the first of his nine grands prix? Q7 Tony Brooks managed only one hat-trick of win, pole and fastest lap, at a circuit that only held one world championship F1 race. Where was it? Q8 In Monaco Kimi Räikkönen became the fifth driver in F1 history with 300 entries to his name but he…