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when will lewis put it all on red?

Who will remember the scrappy race for a P9 finish that confirmed Lewis Hamilton as 2017 world champion? Probably not too many F1 Racing readers, I’d venture – unless they’re ardent fans of dominant race winner Max Verstappen of course. It was a flaccid title conclusion to a season that has been positively thrilling for two thirds of its duration – that is until lap 4 of the Japanese Grand Prix, when a spark-plug failure on Sebastian Vettel’s SF70H ushered him into retirement and simultaneously banished his title hopes to the realms of ‘mathematical possibility’. What a reversal! Vettel had led the drivers’ world championship for 12 uninterrupted rounds, from Melbourne to Spa. But since the summer break and Hamilton’s win in Belgium, he and Mercedes have been dominant, winning five from…

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JAMES MANN Over the past seven decades, Ferrari have consistently built beautiful racing cars. Check out James’s stunning pics on p41. RICHARD WILLIAMS As a biographer of the great Enzo Ferrari, who better to write the authoritative story on the enduring appeal of Ferrari? It starts on p32. STEVEN TEE Fernando Alonso asked F1R photographer Steven Tee to capture an ambitious stunt in the centre of Tokyo. Find out more on p72. JAMES ROBERTS It’s been a busy month for Jimmy, who quizzed Max Verstappen on p78 and interviewed driver manager Nicolas Todt on page 82.…

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in the zone

This year’s Spanish GP was a defining moment in the 2017 drivers’ world championship, with Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel banging wheels on track in their battle for victory. Hamilton came out on top that day, beating Vettel by just a few seconds to claim his first win since China. I took this shot of the two of them just before the beginning of the race, when all the drivers line up for the national anthem. It reminds me of when you have two boxers trying to avoid making eye-contact before a fight. You can see behind his sunglasses that Lewis is deep in concentration ahead of the race – he’s really getting psyched up for the battle ahead. Photographer LAT IMAGES: Lorenzo Bellanca Where Barcelona, Spain When 12.46pm, Sunday 14 May 2017 Details Canon EOS-1DX,…

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surf’s up for lewis

To take this shot at Silverstone, I climbed the steps to the little gantry overlooking the track, from which FIA race director Charlie Whiting starts the race. Crowd-surfing after a home win is something Lewis has turned into a tradition these past few years, and it’s always good to see some driver/fan interaction. This was the second time he did it: the first was straight after the podium. He’d finished the team victory picture and then climbed the pitwall to jump into the crowd. Because of his cap, all you can see of Lewis are his teeth as he grins with his thumbs up. Everyone is trying to reach out to touch him or to get a shot on their phone. Photographer LAT IMAGE: : Lorenzo Bellanca Where Silverstone, UK When 4.18pm, Sunday 16 July 2017 Details…

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when stars align

This photo is taken from Turn 1 at Singapore, where Lewis nimbly managed to avoid the effects of the mega-shunt Sebastian Vettel set in motion at the start of the race. I’m shooting here from a track-access point for the marshals, rather than one of the ‘windows’ in the fence that photographers usually use. It’s a gap where two walls meet, slightly overlapping, so you can only get this rear shot. Photographing the Singapore GP is all about playing with the light and dark. I’ve used an R-Cross Screen filter here to make the individual lights splay out in a star effect; having the car’s rear light active is never a given, but it adds to the impact. Photographer LAT IMAGE: Steven Tee Where Marina Bay, Singapore When 8.30pm, Sunday 17 September 2017 Details Canon EOS-1DX MkII,…

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lewis has the flag

After Lewis claimed his fourth title in Mexico, he had to do a host of media interviews before coming out to celebrate with his team in the pitlane. I took this picture straight after the Mercedes group shot, where his mechanics had gone wild with the champagne celebrations – you can see how his shirt is completely soaked. They lifted him up onto their shoulders and he held the fag aloft behind his head. This is the moment every year when photographers have to fight their corner to get into position for the shot. It’s always a bit of a free-for-all scrum because you’re under pressure to capture the moment while competing with your rivals. Photographer LAT IMAGE:: Lorenzo Bellanca Where Mexico City, Mexico When 5.35pm, Saturday 29 October 2017 Details Canon EOS-1DX MkII, 14mm lens, 1/800th…