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GP Racing UK June 2017

Every month, its stunning photography and unrivalled journalism gives readers unparalleled access to the world of grand prix racing. GP Racing captures the drama, asks the questions, and delivers the comment on Formula 1 - one of the most popular and exciting sports in the world.

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tales of the unexpected

What’s your take on Fernando Alonso and his crack at the Indianapolis 500, at the expense of missing – of all races – F1’s signature grand prix? Do you admire him for not only showing the intelligence to see the bigger racing picture beyond the blinkered F1 world and taking on one of the world’s great sporting spectacles, but also possessing the gumption to put himself on the line at an event that is both difficult to master from a cold start and still genuinely dangerous? Or have you decided that missing Monaco is a sure sign he’s lost his mojo, particularly since this year’s race most likely offers McLaren-Honda their best chance of springing a half-decent result? Perhaps you’d go even further and brand Alonso a traitor to the cause?…

1 min.

ANDREW BENSON Little escapes the close attention of the BBC’s F1 correspondent. This month, we ask him to turn his gimlet eye on Sebastian Vettel (p34) THOMAS BUTLER One of our portrait photographers du choix, Thomas has trained his lens on Paddy Lowe. Look out for the twinkle in the eye… (p56) MATT YOUSON So much more than an engine, the Cosworth DFV was the bedrock of modern F1. Matt talks us through its nuts and bolts on p74 STUART CODLING ‘Codders’ is a man of many talents: part-comedian, part-onesiewearing London Irish fan, and the author of our Ricard piece on p82…

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finding the limit in the braking zone

The first session in Bahrain on Friday morning is where the drivers try to familiarise themselves with the track. During the first half hour of FP1 the teams are allocated an extra set of tyres, so drivers aren’t afraid of pushing to the limit. Consequently, you get a lot of brake-locking into Turn 10. I was positioned on the outside of that tricky double-left, and that’s where I took this picture of Valtteri Bottas locking up his front-left tyre as he comes over the crest and descends into the braking zone. You can see that he’s looking for the apex because he’s preparing to rotate the Mercedes for a good exit out onto the long straight. Photographer LAT : Lorenzo Bellanca Where Sakhir, Bahrain When 4.30pm, Friday 14 April 2017 Details Canon EOS-1DX MkII, 600mm lens,…

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another one for the trophy cabinet

After the Bahrain Grand Prix finished, I headed to the roof that overlooks the podium and waited for the celebrations to end. As Sebastian Vettel was about to leave the rostrum, myself and another photographer called down to him – and he looked up. Initially he was holding the trophy in his right hand and a bottle of fizz in his left, but then he paused, put the bottle down, and held up his finger instead. You can guarantee that when Seb wins a race he’ll always pose for a picture. It’s great, because not all drivers will do that. The other thing I love about this picture is the size of the trophy. It’s almost as big as the FA Cup! Photographer LAT : Steven Tee Where Sakhir, Bahrain When 7.57pm, Sunday 16 April 2017 Details…

1 min.
tripping the light fantastic

This photo was taken around 500 metres from the startline in Bahrain. I knew it would be a great vantage point because the cars, full of fuel, strike the asphalt and create sparks as they hit the bumps on the run down to Turn 1. The combination of the sparks on the track work well with the coloured lights on top of the grandstand. And because the race starts at twilight, there’s a deep-blue backdrop. Altogether, the mix of four different teams – Ferrari, Red Bull, Williams and Renault – produces this incredibly rich palette of colours. It’s shot on a slow shutter speed, so you really get a feel for the excitement of the race start. Photographer LAT IMAGES : Lorenzo Bellanca Where Sakhir, Bahrain When 6.02pm, Sunday 16 April 2017 Details Canon EOS-1DX MkII, 85mm…

1 min.
reversal of fortune

This is another shot I took from the roof of the building overlooking the podium and parc fermé in Bahrain. The strength of the image is the juxtaposition between the contrasting fortunes of race winner Sebastian Vettel and runner-up Lewis Hamilton, who are the two main protagonists in this year’s title battle. Hamilton won in China and then seven days later we came to Bahrain and Vettel was celebrating the race win. With the way the early season has shaped up, I’m sure this scene is going to be replicated many times throughout the year. The big question obviously is: which driver is going to finish first the most times? Photographer LAT IMAGES : Steven Tee Where Sakhir, Bahrain When 7.41pm, Sunday 16 April 2017 Details Canon EOS-1DX MkII, 200mm lens, 1/500th @ F3.8…