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GP Racing UK June 2018

Every month, its stunning photography and unrivalled journalism gives readers unparalleled access to the world of grand prix racing. GP Racing captures the drama, asks the questions, and delivers the comment on Formula 1 - one of the most popular and exciting sports in the world.

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you can’t have one without the other...

Formula 1 without Ferrari: pasta without sauce; pizza without topping. Each as unthinkable and unappetising as the other. Bernie Ecclestone knew it, hence the financial and regulatory indulgences he was prepared to grant the Scuderia. Enzo knew it too, understanding the allure and mystique of his brand and the magic spell his racers could cast upon millions across the globe. Of course the scarlet cars needed an arena in which to perform and Formula 1 has served that purpose admirably since 1950. Arm-in-arm they’ve flourished, these two paramours, one to become among the world’s largest sports franchises; the other regularly noted as the world’s most valuable brand. Could either really do without the other? Because that’s what’s being contemplated in F1’s corridors of power as Liberty Media seek to re-frame the sport’s regulatory…

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PINO ALLIEVI As the Formula 1 doyenne of La Gazzetta dello Sport, Pino has the inside scoop on all things Ferrari; see his cover feature on p36 DAMIEN SMITH Our series covering Ferrari’s history has been a big hit, but all good things come to an end. Turn to p80 as ‘Damo’ wraps it up ALISTER THORPE A regular contributor from our early days, Alister went to racing’s ‘Silicon Valley’ this month to photograph Nick Wirth (p30) JAMES MANN McLaren’s MP4/8 comes under James’s studio lights this month (p92). James is the coauthor of The Art Of The Formula 1 Race Car…

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Three-in-one There’s always one thing you can guarantee at the Bahrain Grand Prix, that as the cars head towards Turn 1, their titanium skid blocks will strike the Tarmac and create huge streaks of sparks – which are accentuated in the darkness. I shot the start of the race from the exit of Turn 2 and was able to head to the inside of Turn 1 when the Virtual Safety Car was deployed for Daniel Ricciardo’s stricken Red Bull. Knowing that Lewis Hamilton was out of position, I was expecting him to perform some overtakes with DRS and he delivered, passing three cars in one move in this image. Where Sakhir, Bahrain When 7.36pm, Sunday 8 April 2018 Details Canon EOS-1DX MkII, 85mm lens, 1/20th @ F20 Lovely jubbly At every grand prix there is a platform built for…

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f1 insider

“I WANT TO BE WITH THE BEST CAR”DANIEL RICCIARDO HONDA YONDER FOR RED BULL 01 Before long, Red Bull have to make a big decision: which engine they will use in Formula 1 from 2019. They have been with Renault since 2007, and achieved four consecutive drivers’ and constructors’ championship doubles with their engine partner from 2010-13. But since the dawn of the hybrid era, Renault have failed to keep up with Mercedes, and latterly Ferrari, and Red Bull have been unable to keep their frustrations in check at the lack of performance. After five years of tensions, public sniping, and only limited success, Renault ran out of patience and told Red Bull last September that they did not want to continue supplying them after the end of 2018, when their current contract expires. It’s…

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f1 digest

30.03.18 Silverstone bosses predict laptime boost after resurfacing 04.04.18 All F1 teams apart from Ferrari commit to new eSports series 06.04.18 Liberty Media reveal six-point plan for post-2021 future 07.04.18 Russian GP promoter demands return of ‘grid girls’ 10.04.18 Zak Brown becomes McLaren Racing CEO in management reshuffle 17.04.18 FIA announce 2019 changes including more fuel for ‘full power’ racing 17.04.18 Teams to assist in finding aerodynamic solutions to improve racing 24.04.18 New clampdown on exhaust blowing announced 26.04.18 Tim Goss removed from chief technical officer (chassis) position at McLaren…

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f1 mastermind

Q1 Who is the most recent winner of a GP: Fernando Alonso or Kimi Räikkönen? Q2 How many championship races has the Italian circuit of Imola held? Q3 Two current drivers were born in Belgium: Stoffel Vandoorne and who else? Q4 Lewis Hamilton finished on the podium in Australia in 2018, but when was the last time he didn’t finish in the top three in Melbourne? Q5 Apart from Dan Gurney, what other fact links Porsche and Weslake in Formula 1 terms? Q6 In which hotel car park were two GPs run in 1981 and 1982? Q7 Which year had a slightly different points system for drivers and constructors: 1960, 1961 or 1962? Q8 Which Australian has scored the most points in the Australian Grand Prix up to and including 2018: Daniel Ricciardo or Mark Webber? Q9 Michael…