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GP Racing UK May 2017

Every month, its stunning photography and unrivalled journalism gives readers unparalleled access to the world of grand prix racing. GP Racing captures the drama, asks the questions, and delivers the comment on Formula 1 - one of the most popular and exciting sports in the world.

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the twin forces that drive f1

Power and grip: the dual properties upon which Formula 1 is built – in more ways than one. The threads of their influence can be traced through every issue of F1 Racing, and certainly at every grand prix. In Melbourne, their visceral qualities were palpable both out on the circuit and, in a very different sense, in the paddock. On Friday morning, as a new era of F1 dawned, it was immediately and abundantly clear that the critical balance between power and grip is just where it should be for this fresh generation of grand prix car. The fatter Pirellis and wider-track chassis culminated in machines that looked not only potent and in proportion for the first time in years, but, most importantly, properly quick. Watching from the rapid left-right Turn…

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STEVEN TEE The boss of LAT Images is also our man in the McLaren garage (see p50). He hasn’t missed a grand prix in three decades JUSTIN HYNES Justin had the privilege of interviewing the late, great John Surtees, who died in March. Find out what was said on page 82 ROB WHITROW Faced with the unenviable task of photographing a hole in the ground, Rob drove to Enstone (p70) and got creative CHRIS MEDLAND Known to those on social media as ‘MEDLAND’, Chris pitched your questions to Nico Hülkenberg this month (p76)…

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a spark of hope for max and red bull

Max Verstappen was probably hoping he’d qualify much higher up the grid in Melbourne than fifth. But I’m expecting Red Bull to come on strongly as the development war hots up over the course of the season. Saturday in Oz was quite overcast, so I decided to head to the inside of Turn 6, the tight right-hander. I went there last year and remember the cars hitting a bump and throwing up a shower of sparks. As the day was quite gloomy, this was the perfect way to get some light into my track action shots. The bright sparks fit nicely with the yellow Pirelli-branded bridge overhead and the slow shutter speed creates that blurred effect on the Red Bull. Photographer Lorenzo Bellanca Where Melbourne, Australia When 3.28pm, Saturday 25 March 2017 Details Canon EOS-1DX MkII, 300mm…

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right at the heart of the podium party

I realised the organisers were planning something special for the post-race celebrations when I spotted two enormous cannons on either side of the platform I was standing on. I was positioned behind the row of Rolex girls and when the PA announcer Bob Constanduros gave his signal for the champagne-spraying to begin, I leaned forward and started shooting. There was so much confetti that I was initially taking pictures blind on a motor drive, and the previous pictures in this sequence are just a sea of green. Eventually, the ticker tape died down and I could focus on the top three spraying the champagne. Photographer LAT IMAGES: Steven Tee Where Melbourne, Australia When 5.43pm, Sunday 26 March 2017 Details Canon EOS-1DX MkII, 35mm lens, 1/1000th @ F6.3…

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testing the limits of the new regulations

There was a striking new livery on show for the first time in Melbourne. Force India’s sponsorship deal has led to this pink paint job, which looks fantastic out on track. And I’m a big fan of that colour scheme, since my football team, Palermo FC, play in pink and black. I headed to the outside of Turn 12 with a long lens to capture this shot from the rear. Cars jink left here, then right through the high-speed sequence after the back straight. What is particularly striking about this shot is that the tyres were ripping the green and yellow paint off the kerbs. You can see the white patches where the cars have run wide and damaged the kerbing. Photographer Lorenzo Bellanca Where Melbourne, Australia When 4.13pm, Friday 24 March 2017 Details Canon EOS-1DX MkII,…

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a sunday stroll through parc fermé

This was taken shortly after the end of the season-opening Australian GP. Race winner Sebastian Vettel has entered pace fermé, celebrated with his Ferrari team, and is now waiting for the call to head up to the podium. I’m standing on a walkway behind the rostrum, which overlooks the top three cars. The mechanics are all in the pitlane here, waiting to see the podium celebrations. After the madness of the race there is a calm tranquillity in this image and a hint of confident swagger in Sebastian’s step. It’s his first race win since the 2015 Singapore GP and the start of what could be an exceptionally good year for him. Photographer LAT IMAGES : Steven Tee Where Melbourne, Australia When 5.38pm, Sunday 26 March 2017 Details Canon EOS-1DX MkII, 200mm lens, 1/500th @ F4…