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GP Racing UK October 2017

Every month, its stunning photography and unrivalled journalism gives readers unparalleled access to the world of grand prix racing. GP Racing captures the drama, asks the questions, and delivers the comment on Formula 1 - one of the most popular and exciting sports in the world.

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two greats square up for a showdown

A fading last parp from a tifoso’s air horn as podium streamers flutter in the Monza afternoon. Dipping sun and the bitter-sweet sensation that accompanies the end of the European F1 season. The Italian GP seemed a stroll for Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton, and for the first time this year Hamilton leads the drivers’ championship. What a title fight we have with just three points separating Lewis and Seb after 13 rounds. It’s too close to call ahead of F1’s Asian leg, and while Mercedes found a performance edge post-Belgian and Italian GPs, the ebb and flow between the Silver Arrows and the Scuderia looks set to continue to Abu Dhabi. Monza was always going to be a Merc track: their W08 is a straight-line rocket, blessed with F1’s best power unit…

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JOSHUA PAUL What happens when you take a 104-year-old camera to an F1 GP? Lollipop Magazine’s Joshua Paul did – see the results on p56 DAMIEN ‘SIR’ SMITH European editor-in-chief ‘Damo’ is moving into the world of teaching, but before he left us, he did a great interview with René Arnoux (p80) JAMES MANN The Mercedes W03 comes under the focus of James’s lense for this month’s stunning Now That Was A Car feature on p70 STUART CODLING ‘Codders’ has been busy this month, asking Pascal Wehrlein your questions (p62) and stopping off at Nivelles en route to Spa (p68)…

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up close and personal

The inside of La Source, Turn 1 at Spa, is probably the closest any photographer can get to the cars at any circuit we visit. This perspective is enhanced by the fisheye lens I’ve used here, giving a wide-angle view of the Renault of Nico Hülkenberg, which is less than a metre from where I’m standing. To take this shot, I first panned with the leaders, Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel, and then tried to capture as much as possible after that. It’s only after the entire field had rounded the first corner that I got the chance to look at the back of my camera to see what I’d actually taken; when it’s happening there is just a blur of cars rushing past. Photographer LAT IMAGES: Steven Tee Where Spa, Belgium When 2.03pm, Sunday…

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out of darkness comes lightrty

During the second practice session on the Friday of the Belgian GP, I was shooting inside the McLaren garage. It looked as if it was about to rain, so most cars were staying in the pits. I asked Fernando Alonso’s number-one mechanic, Lee Hart, whether Fernando was planning to go out again and discovered that he was. I took my long lens and wet-weather gear and went to the top of the pitlane. As the cars enter the pits they head over a crest, so I stood there to wait for the McLaren to come into view. There was so much rain coming down that you can see it bouncing off the track in front of the car, and being lifted back up into the air as spray. Photographer LAT IMAGES : Steven…

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the view from f1’s favourite corner

Before the start of the Belgian Grand Prix, I positioned myself at the bottom of the hill at Eau Rouge, with my lens facing away from the field. I wasn’t even looking back up the hill to La Source to watch the pack descending towards me, I was just listening out for their approach as I remained in this position with my camera ready. Instead of panning along with the pack, I photographed them using a high shutter speed as they swarmed past – so this shot is just one of a whole sequence of images. Standing at one of the world’s most famous corners at one of the most iconic F1 tracks with this generation of car racing past gives you a real buzz. Photographer LAT IMAGES : Lorenzo Bellanca Where Spa, Belgium When…

1 min.
a kaleidoscope of motion

I shot the beginning of the Belgian Grand Prix from the outside of La Source, but then I had to make my way back to the pitlane to photograph TV’s Guy Martin, who was part of Williams’ pitstop crew, responsible for taking off the left rear during the pitstops. On the way there, I noticed an area where Paddock Club guests stand and wondered if I could compose an image where the car is passing between them – similar to when you shoot a car on the track passing between the trees. I’ve ended up with this great blur of different colours and a real feeling of speed as Nico Hülkenberg blasts down the hill out of the exit of La Source. Photographer LAT IMAGES: Glenn Dunbar Where Spa, Belgium When 2.30pm, Sunday 27 August…