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GP Racing UK September 2017

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saints and sinners in a changing f1 world

Wednesday 12 July, Trafalgar Square and Whitehall, London. F1 brings a corner of the British capital to a standstill with a well-received street demo (see page 80). All the current drivers are there – except the one who really matters. As own goals go, Lewis Hamilton lobs his keeper from the halfway line. He should have dropped his holiday to be there and saved himself some aggro. Three days later, Saturday 15 July, Silverstone. Before qualifying I take the bus from The Wing to Luffield to watch among the throng and gauge the London hangover. From Hamilton’s first pass it’s clear there isn’t one. Rapture welcomes the Merc each time Lewis arcs into the long right-hander, practising what he preached in our exclusive cover story last month. He seeks grip from…

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ANTHONY ROWLINSON ‘Prof’ was the only journalist who attended Robert Kubica’s comeback test and spoke at length to him about his F1 dream (p36) MALCOLM GRIFFITHS The last time Malcy went to Zandvoort was for an F3 race in the mid-’90s. This month he’s back there with Max Verstappen (p48) ANDREW BENSON BBC Sport’s chief F1 writer was in Canada to watch Lewis Hamilton match Senna’s 65 poles. On p66 he compares the two drivers. GLENN DUNBAR North of Montréal is the karting track where Lance Stroll first started racing. Dunbar joined Stroll for a trip down memory lane on p84…

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the fine art of teamwork

During the Austrian Grand Prix, I spent some time photographing guests in the Paddock Club, the VIP hospitality area that is located directly above the pitlane. Kimi Räikkönen came in for his one and only pitstop, so I took this shot of him having his tyres changed. I deliberately went with a wider angle, which means the Ferrari is framed by the two red lines that denote the two edges of the pitlane. What is unusual about this image is that I took it with a mirrorless Sony A9 rather than my usual bulky Canon. It has a little screen that ficks up, which makes positioning the camera a lot easier, particularly when leaning over a balcony. Photographer LAT IMAGES : Glenn Dunbar Where Spielberg, Austria When 2.54pm, Sunday 9 July 2017 Details Sony A9 (ILCE…

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hülk lights up the gloomiest day

One of the best places to shoot photos at Silverstone is backwards towards Becketts as the cars sweep into the right-hander at around 180mph. Normally it’s quite overcast at the British Grand Prix, so the light is poor, but here you get a great contrast with the very bright effect of the titanium skid-plates sending up sparks as they hit the kerb. Pictured here is Nico Hülkenberg, who made it into Q3 in qualifying this year. The track was still a little damp, but you can see his commitment. It’s a very short movement to pan with him because he’s travelling so fast, but the slow shutter speed enhances the shower of sparks. LAT IMAGES : Lorenzo Bellanca Where Silverstone, UK When 2.04pm, Saturday 15 July 2017 Details Canon EOS-1DX MkII, 600mm lens, 1/8th @ F32…

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lewis feels the support of his fans

After Lewis Hamilton won the British GP, he announced to the crowd from the podium that he’d be down in a minute to start surfing with them. Last year he did it without warning and I photographed it from a distance with a long lens. Knowing he would definitely be doing it again, I had a little more time to prepare and decided to get a different perspective by choosing a closeup shot with a wide-angle lens. I was up on the pitwall opposite parc fermé as Lewis jumped backwards onto his adoring fans. There were a lot of other photographers trying to get a similar shot, but you just have to get your elbows out to get the picture you need. Photographer LAT IMAGES : Andy Hone Where Silverstone, UK When 3.52pm, Sunday 16…

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the view we all missed out on

I was on pitlane duty for the F1 Live London event that took place on the Wednesday evening before the British GP. I found a route that took me from Old Scotland Yard up to Trafalgar Square but, just as I’d feared, the event was so popular that the crowd was 40-deep. I was about to head back when the wind caught a sign… and there was an image of the driver that everyone in front of me was searching for. It was the closest anyone would get to Lewis Hamilton that day. I like the fact you can see people clinging to lamp posts and traffic lights – as Londoners have been doing for decades on occasions such as a royal wedding or state funeral. Photographer LAT IMAGES: Steven Tee Where London, UK When 6.52pm,…