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buy. sell. stay?

If you’d asked me awhile back how many times the typical American moves into a new home in their life, there’s no way I would have come up with 11.4, the estimate I recently came across. That’s nearly once every seven years! If I'd anticipated that when I was young, I would have sunk my retirement funds into a moving company! Over the past few months, my editors have dug into the processes not only of buying and selling–but also of staying. As real estate markets across the country continue to evolve, there are pockets where it might make more sense to stay put rather than pack up in favor of vaulted ceilings and a big backyard for Rover to roam. On the other hand, nothing quite compares to the feeling of…

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stuff we love

Pay less, get more! Twelve-volt tools have become extremely powerful of late and are all you need for most jobs. Skil’s PWRCore 12 brushless 1/2-in. drill is a weekend warrior’s dream. It has all the characteristics of an expensive drill: a 1/2-in. chuck, two speed settings, torque adjustment and a heavy-duty feel. Some other great features of this drill include a hybrid chuck, which lets you quickly insert a hex shank bit without having to tighten the chuck’s jaws. The batteries have a USB port, which allows you to plug in a charging cord—and with all the devices we own, that’s pretty sweet! But the best part is the price: This drill kit costs about half as much as other 1/2-in. 12-volt drivers. The driver, charger and 2-AH battery are $70 online. EASY-ON-THE-HANDS GARDEN…

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handy hints®

Watering Jug When my trusty old metal watering can rusted through, I decided to reuse and recycle instead of buying a new one. I rinsed out a milk jug and drilled a few holes in the cap. It’s a good size, lighter weight and easy to carry. MATT BOLEY Message board door We recently installed a new entry door with glass panes. As a bonus, the glass is a great message center. We use a dry-erase marker to leave notes and reminders. WENDY L. HAAS PENCIL TRICK FOR SANDING When you’re sanding an edge flush to the adjacent surface, first draw a squiggly pencil line across the joint. Use the marks as a guide to help you sand flat and avoid sanding through the plywood’s veneer. TIMOTHY MANKA HOLD YOUR HOSTAS! Our hostas were always spreading and taking over entire…

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paint your home to sell

Afresh coat of paint is hands down the best way to spend your time and money to get the biggest payback when you sell your home. It’s far less expensive than remodeling, and it’s something you can do yourself. But choosing the right colors is the key. Experts say you should paint all the rooms a neutral color. But what exactly does that mean? “Neutral” depends on what other colors are present in the room. All paint colors have undertones that may not really come out until they are in a room where other elements such as woodwork and furniture bring them out. In my home staging kit, I carry 11 x 14-in. samples of “neutral” colors to see which one appears truly neutral in any given room. I have 75 samples, but…

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what should my real estate agent do for me?

Whether you’re buying or selling a house, remember that the real estate agent you hire is there to negotiate for you, says Antoine Thompson, national executive director of the National Association of Real Estate Brokers. When challenges arise, “you want to have a good advocate working on your behalf.” Here are some services you should expect: When you sell ▪ Setting a fair price, and boosting value. Your agent should bring a deep understanding of the local market, including current economic conditions and new developments that could affect values, to help you set a reasonable price, Thompson says. The agent should also have a keen eye for modest improvements (say, a new coat of paint in a popular color) that could significantly improve your home’s appeal to buyers, he adds. ▪ A marketing strategy.…