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3 things i learned this month

Sometimes you find treasures! Whenever I tear into an old wall, I feel like a kid opening a present. What will I find inside? Usually, the only gift is pathetic plumbing that I’ll have to replace. But every once in a while, I get a treasure or at least an interesting mystery: What the heck is this thing? How old is it? How did it get here? Those riddles help keep my mind occupied while I’m lugging buckets of plaster out to the trash. And before I close up the wall, I always try to plant a perplexing present for the next remodeler. Too good to be true When I saw this in a recently remodeled basement, I thought: What a great way to add a drain line! No need to cut and…

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what’s new

SPRING PROJECTS Get an early start on all your lawn and garden projects! Learn how to fix your retaining wall, how to build your own pergola or simply how to get your outdoor spaces ready for that inviting spring weather. You’ll find plenty of inspiration and instruction by hovering your camera here: OUR FAVORITE FEMALE DIYers March is Women’s History Month. In the spirit of celebrating all the builders in our lives who happen to be women, take a look at our editors’ list of favorites who are changing the DIY game: SPRING CLEANING It’s that time of year again—spring cleaning season. To learn which cleaning projects to tackle first and which products will help you get the job done right, visit our cleaning page: BRAND NEW BOOK! Don’t miss out on this limited time offer! Our…

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stuff we love

Work Shirts That Actually Work Any builder knows the value of a solid work shirt; durability, affordability and comfort are absolutely nonnegotiable. Thankfully, long gone are the days of women having to wear men’s shirts in the workshop for lack of choices. March is Women’s History Month, and what better time to celebrate the many companies that now make highquality work wear for women: Dovetail, Carhartt and, my personal favorite, Duluth Trading Co. True, Duluth Trading’s entire catalog is pretty spectacular, but the women’s flannel shirts really stand out. They’re comfortable, stylish and built for movement. They seem like they’re genuinely me—that may be why I own 10 of them. Go to or check out one of its brickandmortar stores. Plan to spend $35 to $70. If you shop online, be sure…

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handy hints

MAKE FISHING WIRES A “BREEZE” A buddy was helping me run electrical wiring through the conduit mounted underneath my deck to my patio light out by the pool. But after hours of trying to snake the fish tape through the twists and turns of the conduit, we hadn’t gotten anywhere. Then he came up with a brilliant solution: Use an air compressor to blow twine through the conduit. It worked like a dream! Within seconds, the twine had reached its destination. We tied the twine to the wiring and pulled it through. We finished the project with enough time left for a swim. STEPHEN RANKIN CLOG-FREE BELT SANDING I was cleaning new treated deck boards with my belt sander to prep the wood for a semitransparent stain. The gunk on the boards kept clogging…

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the air you breathe

The Airthings Wave Plus monitor ($300 online) sends realtime air quality data to your phone with six sensors that monitor: TEMPERATURE. The ability to check your home’s temperature while you’re away—especially if you relocate in the winter—can prevent a plumbing pipe catastrophe. HUMIDITY. Keeping your home at an optimum humidity level wards off mold from too much moisture. It also reduces your household’s susceptibility to flu, colds and allergies from air that’s too dry. AIR PRESSURE. Knowing whether air is escaping or infiltrating, and at what rate, is important for energy efficiency. RADON. Radon is a known cause of cancer, and unsafe levels must be mitigated. Also, many states require full disclosure of unsafe radon levels with the sale of a house. CARBON MONOXIDE. Carbon monoxide (CO) is known as…

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maximize your drawer space

Every kitchen could use a little more organization, and these drawer projects deliver a lot! Easily accessible pots and pans, a charging drawer and much more. The projects are also easy to build: butt joints, glue, and nails or screws. I built all but the knife rack from Baltic birch plywood. It has attractive raw edges that don’t need edge banding. Or, you could use standard plywood or solid wood and apply wipe-on poly for a clean, high-end look. MEET THE BUILDER Brad Holden, a senior editor at Family Handyman, has built custom cabinets and furniture for 30 years. 1 CUSTOM SILVERWARE TRAY Store-bought silverware trays never fit the drawer perfectly. They shift and slide around and leave awkward space around the tray. Custom-fit partitions maximize the storage space and eliminate the annoying sliding. START WITH…