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Family Tree UK July 2020

Learn how to trace your family tree! Every issue is packed with: family history research advice hands-on learning experiences to help you become an ancestor super-sleuth & step-by-step guides to show you the path to tracing the past. From vintage documents to the latest in DNA, we’re here to help you discover more! Get the latest in genealogy news, software, books, archives and expert answers. Plus enjoy those reader stories that remind what it means to trace your family story. Research & remember your roots with Family Tree!

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it’s time to plan your family history adventure…

Ithink now more than ever, I’m grateful to have family history in my life – and I’m sure many of you are too. As a family history enthusiast there are always so many discoveries to be made, people to learn about and things to explore. And our most powerful tool to help us in this is our very own brain, isn’t it? Whether we’re sleuthing new clues from those websites we love, immersing ourselves in a book, or chatting to family over Skype etc. Yes, we do relish getting out and about, but there’s also so much we can accomplish at home (which is certainly very fortunate in times like this!). This issue we’ve got three marvellous items I’d like to flag up to you. First is Alison Spring’s archives masterclass.…

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family tree – looking forward to the future

Over the 35 years it’s been published, Family Tree has continued to evolve to best meet the needs of family historians from around the globe. A bi-monthly publication for the first few years of its existence, Family Tree soon became a monthly magazine, and in more recent years has been published 13 times a year. Now, with website resources more useful than ever, Family Tree will once again be a monthly magazine, published 12 times a year. The magazine is complemented by the Family Tree website, on which we are growing a library of online family history video tutorials, some of which are free, some paid for, but all of them accessible free of charge to subscribers to the print or digital editions of Family Tree. At the time of writing,…

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major archive milestone

The Arolsen Archives in Bad Arolsen, Germany, has announced it has reached a milestone, with 26 million records added to its database of Nazi victims and survivors. Working in conjunction with Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Memorial Centre in Jerusalem, Israel, archivists have created an invaluable database for finding Jewish relatives whose fate might have been unknown in the wake of World War II. The new uploads include data on the deportations of Jews, Roma and Sinti from the former German Empire, Austria, Bohemia and Moravia. Website: https://collections.arolsen-archives.org/en Thanks to Dick Eastman, who first reported this story on his Online Genealogy newsletter.…

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join myheritage in the fight against coronavirus

The science team at MyHeritage is working to identify a possible correlation between genetics and susceptibility to the coronavirus (COVID-19) infection and is asking family historians to help. A MyHeritage spokesperson said: ‘This research is vital to help understand the potential impact of genetics on a person’s risk of contracting COVID-19, as well as on the severity of their symptoms, as these can vary widely from person to person. The survey was created by MyHeritage’s Science team with the help of Dan Ariely, noted professor of psychology and behavioral economics at Duke University. Professor Ariely is the author of three New York Times bestsellers and is a highly acclaimed TED speaker.’ The survey is intended for everyone, regardless of symptoms or diagnosis, and will help scientists to understand and hopefully help reduce…

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family history in the spotlight with new tv ad

Family history website FindMyPast have invited TV viewers to think about how family history has impacted their life and could influence their future, through a series of TV ads first broadcast on 5 May. The adverts highlight the unique record collections held by FindMyPast, including British Army documents, British crime reports and worldwide newspaper pages. Tamsin Todd, CEO of FindMyPast, said: ‘The new campaign taps into a deep human need to understand where we come from, and take inspiration from our families’ stories to shape our future. FindMyPast has invested in new tools and features that, together with our marketleading UK historical data, make it easy for anyone to start building a family tree and research and share their unique stories.’ Watch the 30-second ad at: https://familytr.ee/fmpad…

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medieval st john’s college library treasure goes digital

A 13th century illuminated manuscript that has been in St John’s College, University of Cambridge, for nearly 400 years has been digitised so it can reach a new audience. Detailed images from the early medieval religious text have been published online for the first time in the University of Cambridge Digital Library. The 377-page manuscript is a psalter that belonged to Robert de Lindsay who was abbot of Peterborough from 1214 to 1222. ‘Manuscript (MS) D.6’ was given to St John’s College in 1635 by Thomas Wriothesley, the Earl of Southampton, from the library of his friend, William Crashaw, and is one of two psalters that were once owned by de Lindsay. The St John’s manuscript is ‘glossed’, meaning it is annotated in the margins and between the lines to aid the reader…