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Farmer's Weekly 23 August 2019

Farmer’s Weekly is an agricultural magazine based in South Africa, targeting the whole of Southern Africa. The magazine is committed to advancing the interests of the region’s farmers and its agricultural industry by serving as a mouthpiece for the industry and by keeping its readers informed of the latest developments in the agricultural sector.

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climate change: let farmers lead the way

As details about South Africa’s economic mess becomes clearer, and government fails to respond with any clear plan to navigate the country out of debt, many conversations inevitably turn to a discussion about options for leaving South Africa, or, at the very least, sending money away to a safe harbour. However, finding a safe harbour in an increasingly turbulent world is becoming more difficult. Given the expected impact of climate change on available resources, a fear of scarcity and the resultant rise in protectionism and extreme nationalism seem almost logical. The Special Report on Climate Change and Land, released recently by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), shows just how bad things may get if we do too little, too late to address the risks posed by climate change. The report…

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farmer's weekly

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a better food future for sa

“In the past few decades, millions of people across the world have been lifted out of poverty. This has led to a rapid growth in the middle class, particularly in developing economies, with resultant lifestyle changes. These macro-trends are expected to continue to 2050, when a projected global population of more than nine billion will need to be fed through a food system that right now is fraught with challenges. These include accelerating climate change, rising input costs, ecosystem and resource degradation, shifting dietary preferences, social inequality, and resource constraints and conflicts. Population and income growth, which are inevitably linked to a more resource-intensive diet and greater waste, intersect with environmental challenges to add further stressors within the fixed limits of planetary boundaries. Given these multiple drivers, food security cannot be…

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farmer’s diary

29 TO 30 AUGUST ARC Agri Indaba FARMER’S WEEKLY WILL HOST AN INFORMATION DAY FOR BEEF CATTLE PRODUCERS AT THE INAUGURAL ARC AGRI INDABA. THE THEME WILL BE ‘BUILDING BLOCKS OF PROFITABLE BEEF PRODUCTION’, AND TOP PLAYERS FROM SOUTH AFRICA’S LIVESTOCK INDUSTRY WILL SPEAK ON DISEASE MANAGEMENT, ANIMAL NUTRITION, THE BRANDING AND MARKETING OF BEEF, AND OTHER TOPICS. CONFERENCES, WORKSHOPS & EXPOS 21 TO 22 AUGUST Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition, CSIR Convention Centre, Pretoria. Visit fertasa.co.za/fertasa-events/ symposium. 26 TO 28 AUGUST Bio Africa Convention, ICC, Durban. Visit africabio.com/ conference. 29 TO 30 AUGUST Africa Biennial Biosciences Communication Symposium, Pretoria. Visit abbcsymposium.org. 3 TO 5 SEPTEMBER No-Till Conference, Bergville. Email Sandra Findlay at ntcsandra@gmail.com. 1 TO 3 OCTOBER Africa Fertilizer Agribusiness Conference, Cape Town International Convention Centre.Visit events.crugroup.com/ astafrica/home. COURSES & TRAINING 26 AUGUST TO 27 SEPTEMBER Sugar Cane Production Certificate, University of Mpumalanga. Email education@ump.ac.za. 27…

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inspiring stories

I was thrilled to read of Springfield Farm’s commitment to training not only its own workers, but students from nearby agricultural learning institutions, in the article ‘Going the extra mile for a new generation of farmers’ (FW, 26 July). Training and mentoring of workers and prospective farmers is critical if the government land reform programme, and everything that’s associated with it, is to succeed. What a wonderful example to set for the rest of the farming community! I also came across the article, ‘Industry and government help emerging tobacco farmers’ (FW, 26 July), about Erasmus Sefoloshe’s tobacco farm and all the initiatives he’s taken, which was another very interesting story. I’m a retired businessman and engineer who’s always had a great interest in farming and what’s happening in the agriculture sector in…

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phone security

I am not a farmer, but I happened to read a copy of the article ‘Beware of WASPs stealing airtime’ (FW, 19 July). I have used the information successfully for both my and my wife’s cell phones. I thought readers may be interested to know that the actual sequence of commands was different in each case! Both phones are on Vodacom. My wife’s phone is a Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime, on monthly contract. The sequence of commands was as follows: • Dial *111#. Select Option 8 (Services). Select 11 (Next). Select Option 2 (Content Services). Select Option 1 (View and Stop Content Services). As well as the final Option 1, there were two alternative options: 2 (Stop All) or 3 (Block). My phone is a Samsung SM-A260F, on pay-as-you-go. The sequence of commands was…