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Fête Issue 32

An Australian publication that connects with readers in a personal way inspiring them to love the life they have, engage in positive and meaningful relationships with those around them and to make time and space for all the good things, for life well-lived.

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FÊTE/LIFE/ It is human nature to seek out what we each believe to be our best life, to look on at those around us with envy, those who appear to be doing it all just that little bit better. Prettier, slimmer, richer, happier, better job, better home, better car, better holidays, better salary… it’s little wonder that so many in today’s environment suffer the effects of anxiety and overwhelm. Surrounded by relentless self-imposed pressure to compete, to always be doing everything better, in order to be happy. What if it all just stopped? What if the car, the house, the job was as good as it was ever going to get? Would that be enough? The answer is simple – lower expectations and accept life for what it is right now. Look…

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home / decorate feels like home

IT’S ALL ABOUT THE FEEL/ Working with the bones of a house to make a home can be a most rewarding task – necessity is the mother of invention and the outcomes that can be achieved are incredible when budget is limited and there is a need to be resourceful. Society dictates that shiny new houses and designer trends create happiness in our own homes. Similarly the fashion industry influences our clothes and the beauty industry encourages unnatural measures to make us ‘feel' good about ourselves and the lives we lead… It’s human nature to get caught up in society’s expectations at some stage of life. But the reality is that we need very little in life to be happy… very little space, very little storage, very little furniture. What is important,…

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IN/OUT The entryway can be a tricky space – it’s used multiple times every day, must serve a number of purposes often for several different people and is usually on the smaller side compared to other frequently-used areas of the house. It only takes a moment for an entryway to become a dumping ground and sorting through the family’s bags, coats, shoes and other bits-and-pieces in a bid to get organised, becomes a dreaded task. Taking the time to create the bare bones of an organised entryway makes life much easier when it comes to the daily rush of in-and-out that the space inevitably weathers. SIT/ Having a spot to briefly sit in the entryway makes putting on (or taking off) shoes a breeze. Parents especially benefit from a place to park their…

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live / relax one simple thing

“This winter I have been cutting blue gum from my paddocks to bring into my home each week… the foliage is so fresh, the scent is invigorating, it reminds me every time I walk past it how lucky I am to have such natural beauty at my doorstep. This weekly act has become a form of mediation for me – the few moments I take to wander out across the property, listen to the birds and be amongst all that nature has to offer, sets up my week. Creating a calm space for my vase to sit pride of place as the morning sun streams in, is incentive to ensure my home is clean and organised. This one simple thing costs nothing and brings me so much joy." TOP TIP/ ENSURE YOU CHANGE…

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home / clean organise under your sink and create joy in daily tasks

UNDER THE SINK Dark, disorganised, dusty, damp… if this sounds familiar then it is time to take back control of this space! The under-sink is more than likely the most used cupboard in the entire home. Rather than living in denial about it’s deteriorating state, take control and sort it out. A little effort will go a long way in creating joy in daily tasks. Conquer and divide. Allocate a place for items with similar purposes. Clean, label and store. 01. Sunnersta Mini-Kitchen $178.99, Shelf $3.99, Containers $1.99 each and Hooks $1.49 for a pack of five, IKEA 365+ Glass $4.99 for a set of six, Rinnig Plate Holder $3.99, Sortera Waste Sorting Bin with Lid $19.99, ikea.com.au, Kuggis Box with Lid $12.99 each, under sink Filur Bin with Lid $19.99 each, all…

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The average Australian throws out 20% of food purchased, accounting for almost half of all landfill. That means that resources used to grow that produce, are also wasted. As a nation, we produce an average of 1 tonne of plastic waste every minute with a recycling rate of just 12%. We can all do better by taking a responsible approach to waste – reduce, reuse and recycle. GENERAL WASTE THIS ENDS UP IN LANDFILL SO TRY AND KEEP IT TO A MINIMUM BY MAKING CONSCIOUS PURCHASING DECISIONS. SOFT PLASTICS MANY SUPERMARKETS NOW ACCEPT SOFT PLASTICS FOR RECYCLING SO REMEMBER TO PACK THEM WHEN GRABBING YOUR REUSEABLE BAGS. THINK ANY PLASTIC THAT CAN BE SCRUNCHED INTO A BALL OR TORN BY HAND LIKE… CLING FILM FRESH PRODUCE PACKAGING FOOD WRAPPERS RECYCLABLES MILK AND JUICE CARTONS GLASS AND PLASTIC BOTTLES ALUMINIUM CANS EMPTY AEROSOL CANS RIGID PLASTIC…