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Fête Issue 33

An Australian publication that connects with readers in a personal way inspiring them to love the life they have, engage in positive and meaningful relationships with those around them and to make time and space for all the good things, for life well-lived.

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There has never been a truer saying than ‘trust your gut’. When you feel that things are not quite right, it’s worth going the extra mile to seek out answers and to ensure the best quality of life, whether in respect to health, family, relationships home or work. There is no better feeling in life than when you know within yourself that you have reached a point of equilibrium, where life is balanced and harmonious and where serenity overcomes the waves of anxiety and stress that our daily lives bring to the fore. Often this will mean that research and investigation is needed. While it is easy to stay in a rut by accepting your fate, a little short-term discomfort can go a long way to achieving ultimate happiness, contentment…

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home / decorate feels like home

IT’S ALL ABOUT THE FEEL A known mood booster, natural light, can change the whole feel of a home. When rooms are bathed in light everyone benefits. Carla Thompson has lovingly brought this philosophy to life in her home, “The one thing I love most about my home is all the natural light.” Carla explains. Her home, a 1920’s beauty, has the perfect bones for a light-filled space, featuring huge windows in every room. Natural light brings happiness to a house and is good for your mental health. This home has light in spades and when purchased by Carla, presented a blank canvas, filled with history and character. With a wash of white walls, this home has an etherial feel, a collection of simple and thrifty decorating objects sit proudly alongside quality pieces…

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bondi wash

BONDI WASH / Bondi Wash combines Australian botanicals with natural ingredients to create products that are gentle, effective and beautifully fragrant. Launched in 2013 by Bondi mother of three, Belinda Everingham, who became sensitive to the chemicals in products she used in the home and wanted to create effective natural alternatives to products laden with synthetic chemicals. All the range is 99%-100% derived from nature. The range draws on the active features of Australian botanicals such as the antibacterial properties of Tasmanian Pepper and Sydney Peppermint and the antioxidant rich skin nourishing properties of Flame Tree and Lilly Pilly. Scents are designed around uniquely Australian bush oils and are created like a perfume with top, middle and base notes – designed to bring natural sensory pleasure as you go about…

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home / decorate mix and match

MIX AND MATCH CHAIRS / A COMMON THEME When choosing the ideal combination, pick chairs that have at least one thing in common. Consider colour, shape, size and wood tone as elements of cohesion to create an eclectic look without it feeling chaotic. When working with chairs that are a bit too odd, a simple coat of paint in the same colour will create unity between them. SCALE, FORMAND FUNCTION Different styles can be cohesive when the chairs are of similar scale. The chairs at the head of the table are an exception to the rule which, if a little larger, can add a statement and focal point. If using a bench on one side, consider using the same style of chair on the other side of the table, creating an element of uniformity…

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oscar and willow

OSCAR & WILLOW / Oscar & Willow provides a complete selection of furniture, lighting & home accessories in natural materials, textures & neutral tones. Their collection of woven baskets, European linens, hand made ceramics and Australian designed furniture allows you to immerse yourself in a world where simplicity and quality collide. Now with their newly renovated store on King William Road, they are able to showcase a larger range of quality furniture pieces where you can meet with their in-house interior stylists and have them assist you to produce a beautifully curated home. Simple living at its finest. OSCARANDWILLOW.NET.AU…

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live/relax one simple thing

SCENT UP LIFTING FOR THE SOUL “Scent can hurtle us back in time, remind us of loved ones, comfort and inspire us. When I was faced with a challenging time in my life, I decided to replace unhelpful habits and routines with uplifting and positive changes. One of the first things I did was choose a new scent – one that represented a fresh start with endless opportunities. As I applied this uplifting perfume each morning, I used that time as an opportunity to set new goals and focus on the future. Those tough times are long since gone but every time I inhale this beautiful fragrance I am reminded of my strength and resilience." TOP TIP / ADOPT A SIGNATURE SCENT THAT REFLECTS YOUR PERSONALITY AND UP LIFTS YOUR MOOD EVERY TIME YOU WEAR IT. 01. Tacit…