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Fête Issue 34

An Australian publication that connects with readers in a personal way inspiring them to love the life they have, engage in positive and meaningful relationships with those around them and to make time and space for all the good things, for life well-lived.

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LEADING ADELAIDE DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION TEAM / ESTABLISHED 1999 At Urban Habitats our homes and extensions are uniquely tailored to every one of our clients. Creating homes that meet your particular aesthetic, functional and lifestyle aspirations is our passion. Everything we do is considered and treated with design sensitivity – every angle, joint, surface and finish. Your home is an expression of you – design and build with Urban Habitats in 2020. Telephone 8373 1731 / Email admin@urbanhabitats.com.au URBANHABITATS.COM.AU / @URBANHABITATS_SA 96 KING WILLIAM ROAD, GOODWOOD SA…

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FÊTE / LIFE / It can be a mixed bag, this time of year – the unfettered joy and pure elation of children opening their presents or playing for hours in the pool with their friends, time spent pottering around the house or garden, a chance to stop for a moment to read or watch a movie, an air of relaxation where day-to-day chores seem completely irrelevant. But it can also be a time of loneliness, sadness, grief and longing that only seems exaggerated by all the celebrations happening around us. Wouldn't it be nice if we could all use this time to strengthen the bonds we have with our loved ones, taking time to be together making emotional connections stronger? It's no surprise that the relationships we enjoy – be…

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feels like home

A PLACE TO CALL HOME The ideal of a simple life surrounded by special pieces collected over time is something that many aspire to. In contrast to modern society’s thirst to accumulate the latest and greatest in our all too disposable world there is something endearing, warm and welcoming about an interior that is so utilitarian in its decorating style that each piece is sourced and placed with great care. Angie Wendricks, from County Road Living along with her husband, Alex, planned out the build of their humble barn after finding their dream patch of land while Sunday driving. A long wait followed while they slowly saved for the build… “We knew we had plenty of time to hunt for just the right pieces for the house. I wanted to tell a story…

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mr and mrs white

MR AND MRS WHITE / Mr and Mrs White make products that come from their desire to live life simply and to live it well. Their designs are modest, using materials that are natural, long-lasting and that get better with age. They represent the family values of quality, honesty and simplicity… Just like a good wardrobe always has the basics, so should the space you live and work in. Pieces that form the building blocks of a space and bring freedom of expression through thoughtful selection, simplicity of design and attention to detail. Start with the basics… a table, a chair, a bed. A space will continue to evolve as life does but it’s about getting the foundations right. Timeless, functional and well made, Mr and Mrs White are devoted to the development…

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gift guide

Gift-giving is much more than the act of buying. It's taking an active interest in the lives of our loved ones and noting what makes them happy, providing the things they need, supporting their goals and dreams and actively assisting them in their pursuits. Of course, a gift doesn't always mean an object. A present can be an experience – tickets to a concert, a swim in the ocean, vouchers for housecleaning or babysitting, a foot rub or a drive in the country to a favourite bakery. A gift can also be your time – precious, dedicated, undistracted time to make someone smile. Considered gift-giving means choosing each gift wisely, with care and thought, a tangible gift that won’t just add to the clutter in the back of the cupboard, but one…

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man /

02. Cap Wide Anthracite Bottle Opener $25, hayshop.com.au 03. Retaw Liquid Perfume Allen $179.95, supplystore.com.au…