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An Australian publication that connects with readers in a personal way inspiring them to love the life they have, engage in positive and meaningful relationships with those around them and to make time and space for all the good things, for life well-lived.

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8 min
is my metabolism really slowing down?

Yet this age-old advice often fails us and we can be left wondering whether there is something wrong with us or if we should just put it down to a slowing metabolism. So what’s really going on here? Essentially, the calorie equation (calories in versus calories burned) fails to consider a whole host of factors that impact our metabolic rate. So what does impact on our metabolic rate and what can we do about it? A RESTRICTIVE DIET Many people, women especially, have been dieting (restricting!) for years, decades even. Yet we tend to forget that when we’re restricting calories, we may also be inadvertently restricting the essential nutrients that drive the biochemical processes in our body – the very nutrients that drive cellular metabolism and maintain proper functioning of our body…

4 min
the modest foam roller

For those of you that are smiling you are already part of the foam roller team and for those of you who have no idea what I am talking about, get ready to be Googling, ‘Where do I purchase a foam roller?' sometime soon. Let me introduce you to the foam roller – the name explains what it is but its function is likened to providing similar benefits to a sports massage. The benefits of foam rolling have to do with the mobility of the fascia. Fascia is a fibrous band of connective tissue that surrounds all of the muscles in our body. Without proper mobility, fibres become linked and they bind to muscles and nerves creating loss in function and causing pain. Some benefits of rolling include; MUSCLE RELEASE REDUCES INJURY REDUCES SORENESS AFTER EXERCISE MORE…

8 min
away from home with / lynda gardener of the a partment st kilda

Filled with the charm of a bygone era, The Apartment St Kilda’s 1920's Art Deco glory has been lovingly restored. The property had spent many years as a rental after being purchased by the current owner over two decades ago. Good things come to those who wait as The Apartment is now offered as part of owner, interior stylist, Lynda Gardener's, boutique accommodation offerings. The whitewash makeover breathed new life into the space, making way for Gardener's signature style to take centre stage. With an uncanny eye for blending old and new, Gardener’s unique finds create an ideal inner city escape for guests. PLEASE TELL US A LITTLE ABOUT THE APARTMENT ST KILDA … I purchased this incredibly beautiful Art Deco apartment around 18 or so years ago and always had it…

1 min
mix and match / winter capsule

9 min
give more to make more

Yes, some money problems are perhaps better to have than others, but everyone has money problems. All of us have to manage our finances and exist in a world where money is exchanged for value. If we want to pay the mortgage, the school fees, the wages or the grocery bill we have to manage our finances and be intentional about how we earn, spend, have and save our money. Where all of us run into trouble is in believing, consciously or unconsciously, that more money is the key to happiness. This belief is what keeps us grasping for more, clinging to the idea that out there, in the not to distant future, once we have more of it, life will be all rainbows and unicorns and flat abs and breezy summer…

1 min

FÊTE/LIFE/ During the cooler months, it’s human nature to yearn for a sanctuary. More often than not it’s the simple, personal details that create a sense of comfort and belonging in the home. For some, living in the hustle and bustle of the inner city means creating a home where that first step through the front door offers a sense of calm and relaxation. Layers of textures and the inclusion of subtle, personal nuances bring a warmth that can't be replicated through designer pieces alone. There is something charming and inviting about a mix of high and low, old and new and taking delight in the fact that each piece has been included on its own merit… perhaps it brings functionality to the home, or is admired for its pure form,…