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March 2019

Founded in 1993, 5280 is the largest local magazine in Colorado. The magazine's stories often make national headlines, and since 2005 5280 has been nominated for four National Magazine Awards. Get 5280 Magazine digital subscription today.

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[ FROM THE EDITORIAL DIRECTOR]Portrait Of An ArtistProfile writing is one of the most difficult disciplines in journalism for a couple of reasons, the most obvious being that when your subject is still living, there’s almost never a narrative arc around which the writer can organize her story. There’s a beginning, certainly, but the middle is unformed and unwieldy and the end has not yet played itself out. Profiling a writer is perhaps even more challenging given the meta nature of the exercise—and the fact that the subject sits in front of a computer to make his art. So, features editor Kasey Cordell—whose profile of Peter Heller, “Between Shadow & Light,” starts on page 122—was grateful that the author is much more than a composer of words; he’s an avid…

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behind the stories

DALIAH SINGERWriterAs Denver writer Daliah Singer penned “It’s A Man’s World—But It Doesn’t Have To Be” (page 50), her article spotlighting efforts to redesign the Mile High City with women in mind, she didn’t have to look far for research material. She encountered a too-heavy door made with the average middle-aged man in mind mere days after getting the assignment. Next, a really long bathroom line. Then a frigid office space. “It’s not that any of these situations were new—I’d just ignored them before or thought to myself, Well, that’s annoying,” Singer says. “But the women I spoke with tell us that just because the world is the way it is doesn’t mean we can’t change it.” Singer’s work has also been published in Hemispheres and Outside magazine.JEFF NELSONPhotographerJeff Nelson…

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DREAM BUILDERSPeople who live in glass houses wouldn’t have to worry about stones if they’d built their homes with acrylic, a translucent, shatterproof plastic. Especially if Reynolds Polymer Technology made that acrylic. Since 1987, the Grand Junction company has completed more than 1,900 projects in 57 countries, many of them—including immersive exhibits opening this month at Toledo Zoo & Aquarium—high-concept designs for barriers between humans and animals. For example, an aquarium for Berlin’s Radisson Blu Hotel (pictured) towers six stories and features an elevator that runs through the center of the tank. Reynolds’ engineers can also fashion acrylic strong enough to stop a 1,000-pound polar bear sprinting at 30 mph. But the firm’s wizardry goes beyond wildlife. When Apple needed acrylic pendants to front its stores, Steve Jobs’ minions called…

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rewriting history

If Wikipedia is your go-to information source, you might think women exist solely as the wives, sisters, or daughters of great men. The mistake would be understandable: Just 17.8 percent of the site’s English-language biographical entries profile ladies. But it’s an error worth correcting, which is why Boulder’s Inclusipedia is working to ensure women’s contributions to history are no longer lost to time.Launched in April 2018, Inclusipedia enlists volunteers to add bios for women and people of color from Boulder’s past to Wikipedia. For the group’s 30 or so members, who meet regularly at the Museum of Boulder, the research is more than a scholarly exercise: As the sixth-most-visited site in the United States, Wikipedia has become the fount of knowledge in the digital age. Stories not recorded there could…

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CLELA ROREXAs Boulder County Clerk, she issued the country’s first same-sex marriage license—in 1975.LUCILE BUCHANANThe University of Colorado Boulder’s first black female graduate, she wasn’t permitted to walk in the class of 1918’s commencement ceremony.ALICIA JUAREZ SANCHEZIn 1977, Sanchez founded what today is called Clinica Family Health, which serves low-income and uninsured patients.MARY RIPPONThought to be the first woman to teach at a state university in the country, she began leading foreign language classes at CU Boulder in 1878.PENFIELD TATE IITate, a celebrated LGBTQ activist, was Boulder’s first and only black mayor, serving from 1974 to 1976.From top: Boulder Daily Camera; Courtesy of Wikipedia; Boulder County Latino History Project; Carnegie Library for Local History/Museum of Boulder Collection; The Denver Post via Getty Images; Illustration by Melinda Beck ■…

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game changers

CHARACTER BUILDINGKai Monahan (left) and Hannah Young love being queer and playing video games, and on their podcast, If It’s Gay, We Play, they humorously discuss the intersection between the two. Episodes explore the gaming industry’s failings—“queer characters tend to be offensively portrayed,” Young says—and its successes, like helping Monahan, who is trans, explore gender identity via customizable characters. The weekly show doesn’t have a huge audience yet, but listenership has grown steadily since they began a year ago. “Folks all over the country,” Monahan says, “have said they’re glad to hear these conversations.”ONE SMALL STEPIn partnership with the nonprofit Mars Society, Grand Junction–based SynaptixGames is going where many have gone before: Utah. Specifically, an area of the Beehive State called the Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS). The simulated Martian…