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AERO Magazine brings you the latest information on business and commercial aviation. Written by an international team of pilots and experts and read by airplane owners, pilots, and the aviation trade, we bring you the must-know information on airplanes, helicopters, airports, technology, history and full coverage of the most important trade shows around the world.

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from brazil to the world

The most qualified aviation specialized magazine of Brazil and Latin America gets an English digital version. With over 23 years’ history and already published in Portuguese and Spanish, AERO Magazine has become a reference source of information for the aerospace trade, with contents that serves a wide range of readers, from owners and pilots of aircrafts and helicopters to employees and executives of airlines, airports and aeronautical companies, as well as air force militaries. In 2018, the publication expands its range to readers of the United States and other English-speaking countries, maintaining its unique graphic and editorial profile. In this first “pilot” edition, we approach a theme that is dear to flight safety in business aviation, the single-pilot missions. There are various aspects to be considered at the time of defining…

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the 65 years of the b-52

There were still some months to go for the Americans electing general Dwight D. Eisenhower as their president. When Marty McFly (in “Back to the Future”) was trying to push the romance of his parents George McFly and Lorraine Baines-McFly at the school ball, the B-52 was declared operational. The C-130 Hercules still was under development and would fly only two years later. USS Wasp carrier (CV-18), which became famous for its Pacific campaign and for having received the capsules of Gemini IV, Gemini VI, Gemini VII, Gemini IX and Gemini XII missions, had only nine years of use. Alan Turing, the British father of computers, was away from his studies and still received a government punishment due to his sexual orientation. Vladmir Putin, the current president of Russia, was born in October, when a…

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what do tires say about my operation?

When we think on the phrase “taking off is optional and landing is mandatory” before doing a fly, we have to seriously consider the condition of our tires (among other not less important factors). Many operators do not pay enough attention to the messages that this important piece of equipment transmits. Tires indicate possible wear in the aircraft, operational failures and even bad conditions of the runways where we land and take off. The item is so critical to flight safety that there is a famous disaster caused by a tire burst. We should remind the Concorde accident on July 25, 2000. It was proven by the investigations that there was a breakage in the fuel tank during takeoff, caused by the impact of a piece of tire that burst after being…

18 min
light jet with medium plane performance

Best known as Bill Lear, William Powel Lear was born in 1902 in Missouri, USA. Being a self-taught person, he became a radio specialist. Together with Paul Galvin, he developed the first automobile radio set, named “Motorola”, whose name has become the brand everybody knows today. His passion for aviation, together with his radio knowledge, made him develop many avionic products, such as ADF (Automatic Directional Finding) and the Auto Pilot. In 1960, he moved to Switzerland where he founded the Swiss American Aviation Company. The goal was using the FFA P-16 fighter as a base for developing a small-sized business jet. However, his plans were frustrated and, without support for the project, he sold his share in Lear Incorporated. Then, he moved to Wichita, in Kansas, where he founded…

11 min
is it safe to fly single-pilot?

AVOIDING DISTRACTION IS FUNDAMENTAL TO THOSE WHO FLY SINGLE-PILOT Amidst a debate on the use of unmanned air vehicles, some of them autonomous, reality overlaps with trends. In the passenger air transport, the question is still another one. The question that business aviation users frequently ask when planning their operation of their aircraft, or their aircraft fleet, has to do not with the presence, but with the quantity of crew members. In practice, aircraft or helicopter owners want to know: Shall I or shall not I fly with just one pilot onboard? In small-sized aircrafts, this condition is almost a premise to the flight, since the available seats are very limited and adding a pilot may be unviable. In addition to the issue of seat availability, the practice is very much accepted…

13 min
airbus, the new rival of embraer

A quick and secretive movement. This way took place one of the most abrupt agreements in the aeronautical industry over the past decades. Airbus acquired more than half the shares of CSeries Aircraft Limited Partnership (CSALP), which controls the development, production and sales program of the CSeries of the Canadian Bombardier company. The business is expected to change the regional aviation market force balance when making the European group a direct competitor of EMBRAER. The agreement foresees that Airbus and Bombardier will become partners In the CSeries project. Once the agreement is approved by European Union and Canada regulatory bodies, which is expected to happen in the second semester of 2018, the European conglomerate will assume 50.01% of the consortium, while Bombardier will have 31% of the shares and the government…