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Aero Magazine International

Aero Magazine International Edicao 01

AERO Magazine brings you the latest information on business and commercial aviation. Written by an international team of pilots and experts and read by airplane owners, pilots, and the aviation trade, we bring you the must-know information on airplanes, helicopters, airports, technology, history and full coverage of the most important trade shows around the world.

United States
Inner Publishing Net LLC
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1 min
boeing and embraer

The regional aviation in the market rearrangement caused by the world’s two largest aeronautical industries acquires prominence. After the acquisition by Airbus of Bombardier’s CSeries program, Boeing negotiates with Embraer and the Brazilian government the purchase of the civil jet division of the E-Jet family and business aircraft manufacturer, not including military models. The agreement is to be signed in the coming weeks, but here we anticipate the details of this historic and almost certain consolidation in our cover story. In this first issue of the year, we also publish AERO Magazine’s 2018 Buyer’s Guide with 150 aircrafts for sale in the business aviation market. We highlight the models certified last year, the Pilatus PC-24 and the Cessna Latitude. Edited in three languages over the last three years, this Buyer’s Guide…

2 min
fixed or retractable landing gear?

In our daily operations, we use to pay much attention to aircraft’s engines and controls. Usually we don´t care about banal items, which do not seem to be so much related to the flight, but if they fail or work incorrectly, may put everybody in danger. One of these items is the landing gear. As its name suggests, it is developed to absorb the entire weight of aircrafts during landing and ground operations. It also improves taxi in airports when fitted with tires. But each operation has its adequate landing gear. Amphibian aircrafts, helicopters, aircrafts operating in non-prepared terrains such as non-paved surfaces or grass and even aircrafts operating under snow and ice conditions have in this equipment the chance to complete their operations and arrive to their destinations. Everything in an…

1 min
bird strike, winged live hazard

An A320 partially immersed in the Hudson River, in New York, called the world’s attention in 2009. After collide with a flock of birds, the plane made an emergency landing, converting the bird strike theme recurring in that year. Almost after one decade, bird strike is becoming more and more frequent. Between 1990 and 2015, over 160,000 cases occurred in the world, with a constant growth of nearly 7.4 percent per year. Aviation industry is working to reduce the strike rates and also to find a way to prevent birds from living in the airports or around them. Among other alternatives there is the use of trained dogs, high power laser reaching 1,000 m, robotic falcons, among others. Losses caused by bird strikes over the past 28 years were above…

20 min
boeing and embraer: what’s at stake?

Since Boeing has confirmed its intention to acquire the stake in Embraer, in December 2017, the issue resounded and reignited the debate on national sovereignty in strategic areas. Surrounded by disinformation, the Brazilian government said beforehand that it will not give up the golden share (special veto share) and that the sale of Embraer’s stake or even the end of the brand was not under discussion. After the news’ initial impact, and a lot of speculation, details of what would be a new proposal from the Americans came to sight. THIRD ENTERPRISE After a series of discussions with the Brazilian government and its shareholders, Boeing reformulated the model for the acquisition of the indirect competitor. As confirmed by market sources from different areas, the proposal sets forth the creation of a third…

17 min
future generations

Still far from the golden age, when hundreds of new projects were yearly presented, the aeronautical industry kept a frenetic rhythm of launches and novelties over the last decade. The worldwide expansion of business aviation, the growth of the regular market and the ageing of military aviation lead the creation of several new projects that begin to appear and shall be available before the end of this second decade of the millennium. AIRBUS THE NEO FAMILY Airbus neo family had an important impact in the regular aviation market. A321neo LR, the newest launch, which has to enter into service still in 2018, will redefine the business model of several airlines, especially in intercontinental flights, such as from the US East Coast to the United Kingdom or from Brazilian Northeast to Portugal. The market,…

10 min
do you intend to buy an aircraft ?

After a period of turbulence, the business aircraft purchase and sale market has shown signs of recovery. The adverse atmosphere of the last two years seems to be disappearing. Therefore, nothing could be more natural, mainly at the arrival of a new year, that acquiring or freighting a private aircraft is in the minds of many people. However, in both cases, caution is required when choosing the steps to be taken until signing a contract. FREIGHTING, SHARING OR BUYING? Commercial flights are limited in schedules and in locations served; in addition to many times obliging the passengers to face queues, delays and cancellations. Private aviation is an alternative to large air transport. But, in this scenario, a doubt usually worries individuals and companies intending to enter the business aviation world. Where to…