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tax incentive

Walking around the corridors of the Orange County, in Orlando, the US’s second largest convention center, it was surprising the number and the size of stands of aircraft manufacturers during the world’s largest business aviation fair. At NBAA-BACE 2018, the atmosphere of optimism about sales heat up was latent, especially reflecting the American market performance. During the last months, the inventory of used aircrafts and helicopters is systematically coming down, while the queue for acquiring new models is constantly growing. It is a turnover, which can mostly be credited to Trump’s tax strategy, as we have shown in our coverage of the event, which has had among the main novelties the new jets of Embraer’s Praetor family and the supersonic Aerion AS2. The Brazilian manufacturer is also highlighted in other matter…

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presidential air crafts

UNITED STATES Air Force One perhaps may be the world’s most famous presidential aircraft. It uses to be associated with the blue and white 747-200 of the US air force, but the designation is officially used for any aircraft transporting the US president. BRAZIL Although they fulfill transport missions for chiefs of state since the end of First World War, governmental aircrafts earned fame in the fifties. Currently, Brazil has one Airbus A319 and two Embraer E190 intended for transporting the president and vice president. JAPAN AND CZECH REPUBLIC Japan has substituted its two 747-400, in use since 1991, by the 777-300ER, which was configured with a corporate interior. Like its elder brothers, that served 14 prime ministers, the new Triple Seven shall remain in service for 25 years. The Czech Republic has two A139ACJ…

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greatness among the medium ones

Aviation evolution has never go at such long steps. Construction engineering and on-board technological advances surprise at each launch, whatever the manufacturer or size of the equipment. From simpler to more complex models, helicopters offer tools that help pilots during flight and have more and more intelligent systems, capable to minimize the crew work load and literally telling when there is a problem, much before it occurs and puts everybody at a risk. With Leonardo’s helicopter, the AW169, it is not different. The model has leading-edge technology and promises a flight experience almost never seen in helicopters of this size, both by pilots and passengers. Apparently, the Italian manufacturer tried to bring the comfort from its largest aircrafts to this medium-sized model, making the equipment viable for several operations around the…

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operating limits

Manufacturer Leonardo Model AW169 Acquisition value EUR 10 million Maximum continuous NG 96,5% Maximum continuous power “PI” indicator 100% Turbine Temperature (ITT) – Continuous Operation 868ºC (1,594°F) VNE 150 KIAS PMD 10,141 pounds Hold capacity 551 pounds Payload 4,000 pounds Total Fuel Capacity ( 1 nearly ,130 liters 900 kerosene kg) Operating ceiling altitude 20,000 feet density Endurance 450 nautical miles Types of Operation Daily and nightly VFR and IFR (flights under ice formation conditions are not permitted)…

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sales begin to recover

The world’s largest business aviation fair confirmed the growth that was shown in the world market since the last year. During the NBAA, over a million people could follow up, in real time, the digital coverage that our team made in the United States, showing industry novelties, technological trends and sales forecasts. The market study of Honeywell Aerospace points out growth in this year in relation to 2017 and expects still higher figures for 2019, which shall close with 630 to 640 aircrafts delivered as pointed out by Bill Kircos, Vice President for Global Marketing at Honeywell Aerospace. “We expect a growth of 8% to 10% in the deliveries in 2019, as the industry makes a transition to new models in a more healthy market of used aircrafts”. This analysis was…

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supersonic flight

During the NBAA-BACE 2018, Aerion Corporation announced the new tacks of the AS2 program, for a supersonic business jet. The main novelties were the choice of GE for the development of the engine, which will be the greatest challenge on the program over the next months, as well as the entry of Lockheed Martin in the project, substituting Airbus as strategic partner. According to executives from the three companies, the engineers have completed the initial design for the engine of the AS2 business jet, which shall fly at Mach 1.4, something like 40% faster than sound speed. This new engine family named Affinity, will be optimized for flights under several conditions, both in subsonic and supersonic phases. One of the challenges is obtaining a balanced performance, allowing supersonic flight without the…