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Australian House & Garden

Australian House & Garden February 2020

Australia's number one home design and decorating magazine, filled each month with gorgeous houses and gardens to delight in, homewares to covet and food to savour. Plus, you'll find loads of travel ideas, health and beauty news, expert advice and much, much more.

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editor’s letter

“I LOVE deep indigo; it’s a very FLATTERING colour for both people and HOMES.” International colour authority Pantone has decreed that Classic Blue is the colour of 2020. It seems like a pretty safe colour prediction, but we know how stunning blue is in an interior, on a car, in an artwork, on china – the list goes on. I love deep indigo and enjoy decorating with it and wearing it. It’s a very flattering colour for people and spaces. Interior designer Amy Spargo, pictured in her dreamy kitchen on our cover, knows her way around the blue hue – turn to page 122 to see more of the beautiful interiors in the home she has created for her growing family on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula. Blue also abounds in the Stacey…

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your h&g

I always enjoy having a cup of tea and reading H&G when I get a few minutes to myself, escaping the minutiae of daily life with four small children and filing away ideas for our own home. Recently, I was wondering why my two eldest sons (five and seven) had suddenly gone quiet. I found them sitting at the kitchen table reading the lastest magazine and discussing which homes they liked best. They were engrossed for quite some time. Thank you for providing me with time to myself – in more ways than one! Emily Allen, Deep Bay, Tasmania Fare to remember Each year, the Christmas issue kick-starts my festive preparations. I always find something new in the recipe section to add to my collection. The White Christmas slice from an issue long…

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h&g social

Facebookers took a shine to a treechangers’ abode, a lush Melbourne garden stole hearts on Instagram, and a festive weekender on Sydney’s Northern Beaches sparked joy on Pinterest. Facebook facebook.com/ australianhouseandgarden Highlights from each issue plus links to our favourite home tours. Instagram @houseandgarden View the most inspirational images of the month from H&G HQ and out and about. Pinterest pinterest.com.au/ houseandgardenau Picture-perfect images from our pages and sensational products to covet. For weekly news and inspiration, subscribe to our free e-newsletter at newsletter.houseandgardenmag.com.au.…

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fabric of life

You would be hard pressed to find a busier person than Tigger Hall. With two fabric showrooms — one in Sydney’s fashionable Paddington; the other in Melbourne’s bustling Prahran East design district — she is constantly travelling between the two cities. Tigger’s schedule also includes frequent scouting trips to the US and visits to London, where her daughter Georgina manages a high-end art gallery. Tigger’s current home, in Melbourne, is above her shop in a charming 19th-century building she bought in 2012. Within six months she had created a rich, timeless interior that looks as though it was always that way. “I was looking for a family home and a friend kept badgering me to look at this building, which had been on the market for some time,” says Tigger. “When…

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life & style

FOR MY NEXT HOLIDAY, I WANT TO GO HORSE RIDING THROUGH RAJASTHAN. FIRST ADULT HOME? An incredible house in the Dandenongs. It was built by a shipwright and was like an old ship inside, with all the beautiful handmade furniture built in. I had my first baby there too. BUCKET-LIST DESTINATION? Rajasthan, India (7). I really want to do a horse ride through there. I just did one through Spain and it was amazing. DREAM RESTAURANT TABLE? Probably Spring (1) in London. Australian interior designer Briony Fitzgerald decorated it for her sister, chef Skye Gyngell. It looks amazing and I love that she did it for her sister. FAVOURITE MEAL? Something really simple. I like entertaining and tend to cook things like quail and beautiful salads. Also anything by Yotam Ottolenghi (6) – I have…

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