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Australian Men's FitnessAustralian Men's Fitness

Australian Men's Fitness April 2019

Men's Fitness is your personal trainer, dietician, life coach and training partner in one package. It's about fitness of the mind and body. Covering fitness, health, nutrition, participation in sport, relationships, travel and men's fashion, the magazine drives its readers to be fitter, stronger, healthier and ultimately, happier.

Odysseus Publishing PTY Limited
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1 min
the smart man’s cheat sheet

Do this Be optimistic Time to start being a glass half-full bloke. A new US study has found that positive personality traits, such as optimism, may help to reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. This adds to previous evidence which has shown that depression and cynicism are associated with an increased risk of diabetes. In addition, high levels of hostility have been associated with high fasting glucose levels, insulin resistance and diabetes. Eat this Green grub Being environmentally conscious isn’t just good for Mother Earth. It’s also good for you. So says research from Tulane University, US. It’s pretty simple, really: people whose diets have a lower carbon footprint eat less red meat and dairy – which contribute to a larger share of greenhouse gas emissions and are high in saturated fat –…

1 min
jet setter

The world's best stunt pilots weren't the only impressive thing in the sky during the fifth round of the Red Bull Air Race World Championship in Kazan, Russia on August 26, 2018. This Flyboard athlete almost stole the show with his amazing routine, which saw him performing death-defying somersaults above the ocean. The Flyboard is a French invention that attaches to a personal water craft (PWC) – the athlete is secured to the device with bindings similar to a wakeboard and is propelled by water jets from below.…

1 min
paid to sweat

What motivates you to exercise? While we’d hope your first response would be “for the sheer unadulterated joy of it”, your reasons are probably more likely to involve hoping to lose weight, or getting fitter and healthier. If you use the fitness reward app Sweatcoin, though, it could be cash. Sweatcoin aims to incentivise you to get moving by awarding you Sweatcoins if you do. These coins can then be used to purchase a variety of rewards, ranging from small items like a razor or a trial of a streaming service all the way up to a new iPhone (you’ll be doing a lot of walking for a couple of years if that’s your goal). The rewards cost anywhere from five coins up to 20,000, with 1000 outdoor steps earning you…

2 min

Forcing the issue It starts as a pain in the foot or lower leg, then it gets more intense. Soon a runner knows they’re being sidelined by one of the most common running injuries: a stress fracture. These tiny cracks in the bone can halt training for months. A segment of the multibillion-dollar wearables industry aims to save people from this fate, but an engineering professor from Vanderbilt University, US, found a major problem: the devices are measuring the wrong thing. Assistant Professor Karl Zelik discovered that sensors only measuring the impact of the foot hitting pavement – which is what virtually all of them do – tell users little about the forces on bones that lead to stress fractures. His research confirmed that the vast majority of force on the…

1 min
blues clues

Many studies have found a link between greater levels of exercise and lower rates of depression, but does exercise reduce the risk of depression or does depression lead to reduced exercise? A team from Massachusetts General Hospital, US, has used genetic data to strongly support exercise as a preventive measure for depression. Any activity appears to be better than none – researchers say replacing sitting with 15 minutes of a heart-pumping activity like running, or with an hour of moderately vigorous activity, can reduce your risk.…

2 min
weight loss

Something to sniff at Find yourself craving a fattening food? Sometimes just a whiff of deep-fried food can make you hanker after it, but a new study suggests that if you breathe it in for longer than two minutes, you’re more likely to be content with fruit. The study found that “ambient food scent” (basically the smell of food in the air) can directly satisfy the stomach. This is because the brain doesn’t necessarily differentiate the source of sensory pleasure. Lead study author Dr Dipayan Biswas from the University of South Florida College of Business, US, tried this out. He found participants exposed to the smell of cookies for less than 30 seconds were more likely to want a cookie. But those exposed for longer than two minutes didn’t find that…