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Chevy High Performance April 2019

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3 min
happy rendering

Usually when us car guys come up with an idea for a new project—or even a long-term one—we were finally able to put into motion, we have a pretty good idea of what we want the car to look like. The color, stance, and wheel and tire combination; we have it all in our heads. Ideas that most likely came from a cool ride we saw in our past. Maybe we grabbed little bits from a few different cars we saw in a magazine, at an event, or online and took our favorite aspects of each and put those cues into our project. And in our mind we have a clear idea of exactly how we want the car to look. But in many cases, once the car is built,…

3 min
straight line spotlight

Tennessee Tradition Team We just love the machine campaigned by the husband and wife team of Kevin and Brenda Blair. Based out of Elmwood, Tennessee, driver Brenda competes with her 1977 Chevy Caprice within both ET and index classes on the Nostalgia Muscle Car circuit. This race car, which tips the scales at almost 3,500 pounds and consistently does massive, crowd-pleasing burnouts, uses a 385ci small-block Chevy (built and maintained by husband, Kevin, and Scott Perkins). They also employ a Turbo 350 transmission assembled by Craighead Transmissions. The Blairs purchased this car in 1988 with 72,000 miles on the odometer. In its current form, the primary target is NMCA’s 12.00 e.t. mark. However, the car has run as quick as 11.54 at 114.70 mph. Over the many seasons campaigned, the Caprice…

6 min

SEE MORE PHOTOS AT CHEVYHIPERFORMANCE.COM How Brad Hamilton got into this business was the way most of us got into this business. We watched. We emulated. We looked to the future. We didn’t quit. We pestered incessantly: for answers, for acceptance. We gave up our kindergarten cap guns and horror comic books, but not our cherry bombs. We went to the drag races with our dad and in those places we saw what hot rods were and what they did. The crack and the utter lawlessness of open exhaust pipes changed our life in an instant. It had an acrid veil of unburned hydrocarbons. Back then, “high-test” was liquor, not regular grade gasoline, but high-octane Sunoco 260 that was laced with beautiful, carcinogenic lead. The mother’s milk of high compression, and had…

8 min
ls none

Disputing the relevance and performance of the LS engine is an uphill and unwinnable battle. It’s light, strong, cheap, powerful, and just about every other engine-oriented adjective in the dictionary. It’s a plucky 25-year-old with a bad attitude and an ego-boosting penchant for racking up race wins. But an LS engine will never deliver the gut-rattling thump and tree-pulling torque of a tried-and-true big-block Chevy. And, while it may not be the cheapest route to horsepower, it is—without a doubt—still one of the coolest. To that end, we sourced a 454ci big-block core, which are still readily available at local wrecking yards, and treated it to a full performance revamp, including forged pistons; forged connecting rods; and a polished, stock crankshaft. Follow along as we assemble the bottom end of this…

7 min
mellow yellow

SEE MORE PHOTOS AT CHEVYHIPERFORMANCE.COM All right, who’s the genius that thought yellow paint and brown wheels was a good combination? Colors like Hugger Orange and LeMans Blue are legendary for all the right reasons. Butternut Yellow? Not so much. “You don’t run to it or run away from it,” car owner Sonny Freeman laughs, “but the color has been a big part of the fun we have with the car.” Regardless of how much you hate yellow, once you give the Tri-Five’s mean stance, clean lines, and understated elegance a good once-over, it’s hard not to like it. After the supercharged LS7 fires up and barks out the MagnaFlow pipes, you’re suddenly in love with a car you thought you’d hate. And that bit of trickery, friends, is rather genius. Like…

11 min
built for speed(way)

If what you know about Speedway Motors is informed only by the ads you see in magazines like this, then the company’s entry into the high-performance suspension market may seem a little unlikely, if not opportunistic. Speedway has an image as a preeminent mail-order outlet for parts manufactured by dozens of independent vendors, something that it’s worked hard to create. And it’s done the company well. Its position as one of the “big three” in the mail-order world has made the Smiths one of the most prominent families in the industry. But that’s only part of the Speedway Motors story. You see, the mail-order thing is kind of secondary to the Smith family’s primary interest: racing. In fact, the late Bill Smith founded the company in 1952 as a means to…