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Chevy High Performance January 2019

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sorry, but your car is too nice for chp

Nick.Licata@motortrend.com One of the duties of being the editor for Chevy High Performance magazine is to decide which cars are just the right fit to be featured in the magazine and on chevyhiperformance.com. As you might imagine, we get quite a few potential feature cars sent to us on a regular basis from some of the top builders and shops in the country, as well as car owners who are very proud of their ride. One of the difficult aspects of this gig is telling someone who has poured their heart and soul (or opened their wallet) into the build of their dreams that their ride isn’t magazine material. And the reasons for this vary from “questionable” taste, the car isn’t quite nice enough, the build style is outdated (we get…

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what’s on demand this month?

•10/27/18 LIVE! European Le Mans Series - Qualifying, Portimao, Portugal •10/27/18 LIVE! Intercontinental GT Challenge - Practice and Qualifying, Laguna Seca 8 Hours •10/27/18 LIVE! Michelin Le Mans Cup - Race 1, Portimao, Portugal •10/28/18 LIVE! European Le Mans Series, Portimao, Portugal •10/28/18 LIVE! Intercontinental GT Challenge, Laguna Seca 8 Hours •10/28/18 LIVE! Michelin Le Mans Cup - Race 2, Portimao, Portugal •10/29/18 Roadkill, Ep. 77 •10/31/18 Put Up or Shut Up, Ep. 11 •11/01/18 DTM Championship, Hockenheim •11/03/18 LIVE! Virgin Australia Supercars, Auckland •11/04/18 LIVE! Virgin Australia Supercars, Auckland •11/05/18 Roadkill Garage, Ep. 37 •11/07/18 Engine Masters, Ep. 41 •11/08/18 Ferrari Challenge Europe World Final, Monza •11/10/18 LIVE! Trans Am Series, Daytona •11/12/18 Dirt Every Day, Ep. 83 •11/17/18 LIVE! 24H GT Series/24H Touring Car Endurance Series, 24H Circuit of the Americas •11/17/18 LIVE! 24H Proto Series, 3X3H Circuit of the Americas •11/19/18 HOT ROD Garage, Ep.…

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straight line spotlight

White Winged Wonder The Nostalgia drag racing scene continues to thrive within North America, and a perfect example is the dedicated veteran, 78-year-old Charlie Kueuster from Lancaster, Wisconsin. Charlie oversees one of the more rare machines seen within the Midwest region racing scene: a Nostalgia Super Stock 1959 Chevy El Camino. Charlie confirmed that this car was rescued from a lonely bone yard in Minnesota back in 1973 and since then has received a lot of love from both he and his sons, leading up to its current form. While Charlie used to drive it, the keys have since been passed on to his son Jerry. The El Camino features a pretty much stock, 0.090-over 409ci engine, and despite tipping the scales at over 4,000 pounds, it does lumber and shake…

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✶ When the dust settles from World War III, the only things left will be cockroaches and Pro Street. Like a crazy ex-girlfriend, big ’n’ littles cars keep coming back, even after your wife finds out about them. Of course, things that refuse to go away are only bad if—like cockroaches and crazy ex-girlfriends—they have no redeeming qualities. That may have been the case with old-school Pro Street, but cars like Jeff England’s supercharged ’56 Chevy can teach us all a thing or two about how to make a bygone trend relevant once again. For Jeff, the path to Tri-Five glory started as a youngster, when he used to tag along with his dad and uncle to the local dragstrip. “They raced a ’55 Chevy, and I thought it was the…

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the great crate exchange

An engine swap is likely the most time-honored process within the art of car building. Our grandfathers likely struggled through it using a ratcheting come-along hung from a tree branch or a hastily welded A-frame that could have doubled as a kid’s swing set. Today, we have better and more sophisticated tools to do the job, but it still requires some prior planning if the swap is to go smoothly. As with any other mechanical effort, a little preplanning can make the job much less frustrating. We’ll show you what we’ve learned and offer a few details. In our case, we were yanking a tired 383 out of our 1964 El Camino that was suffering from a chronic case of GCS—Gigantic Cam Syndrome—a muddled combination of an overly long duration cam…

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terraplane blues

✶Bartek Trojan works at a shop called VTG in Warsaw, Poland. VTG built, modifies, and maintains protagonist Marcin Blauth’s freakin’ all-wheel-drive Camaro. Yes, all-wheel-drive Camaro. Bartek is our guide today. “All the time we were aware that the USA is the cradle of drag racing,” he said. “And that we needed to copy proven solutions and adapt them to our conditions. It all began by coincidence; the cousin of a friend had a GMC Typhoon for sale, so it was an all-wheel-drive car and also American-built—perfect for our needs. About 10 years ago we found Les Young, who had a great deal of experience racing Syclone/Typhoon platforms, at his site syty.net.” Les wanted to help, you know, one hot rodder to another, a simple gesture and very much in the spirit of…