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Issue 869

Combining the best celebrity news and gossip with compelling real-life stories, Closer gets close to the heart of the story and brings you the truth behind the headlines. Also includes: TV listings, puzzles, beauty and body advice, destiny and more! Perfect for a coffee-break read, or to download and enjoy on the move...

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age isn’t the enemy

Many women perceive ageing as horrifying. Jordan’s been tearing her face apart over the last few months in a futile bid to stay sexy forever. Her pal – and former glamour model – Nicola McLean has confided how they’ve discussed the sadness of no longer being the “young hot one”. But even the youthful girls they envy are riddled with insecurities. Reality star Lateysha Grace tells us she plans to keep going under the knife despite botched surgery – and she’s only 26. Meanwhile, we were inspired to talk to Trisha Goddard. At 61, she’s in love and making the most of every day, having endured three divorces, depression and breast cancer. She says the latter put her life into focus. If only Jordan could have an epiphany and realise getting…

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her pal nicola

Jordan’s contemporary, Nicola McLean, who was only 18 when she found fame as a Page 3 girl, tells Closer she knows just how hard it can be to get older in an industry obsessed with looking young. Nicola, 37, says, “I understand why it’s hard for Katie to not feel she’s as sexy any more as she gets older. I can definitely relate. I was a Page 3 girl and a glamour girl and famed for being sexy. I find it so hard to think I’m not the young, hot one any more. I feel envious watching these 20-something models on Love Island and wondering if I match up or am still a sex symbol. It’s really hard to stomach when you look in the mirror and no longer feel…

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jordan’s‘killing herself’ to be a sex symbol

She’s caused panic in recent weeks for her out-of-control behaviour, flying out to Turkey for yet another bout of cosmetic surgery and reportedly moving new toyboy Charles Drury into her Surrey mansion after sensationally dumping fiancé Kris Boyson, 30. Now pals tell Closer that Jordan’s recent crazed series of surgeries is being driven by her obsession with turning back the clock to make her a sex symbol again – even if it kills her. A source says, “Her issues stem from the fact she found fame as a glamour model and only feels life is worth living if she’s desired by men. Being a sex symbol has become an obsession with her recently – to the point that it’s all she thinks about. “Kris was a good, stable influence and her kids loved…

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are meghan and harry preparing to flee to la?

They’re no strangers to public backlash and with the recent criticism about their extensive use of private jets, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are reportedly considering a move to America to escape the continual bad press that has plagued them for months. The couple faced fresh claims of hypocrisy after it emerged that Prince Harry, 34, and Meghan, 38, had taken four private jet journeys in just 11 days – despite “preaching” about the importance of protecting the environment. And last week, Prince Harry only added fuel to the fire when he broke his silence on the matter saying he “occasionally” used private jets to “keep [his] family safe” and that “no one is perfect” – but faced more abuse, with fans branding him “hypocritical” and telling him to “practise what…

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‘a tempting idea’

“I wouldn’t be too surprised if Harry and Meghan abandoned the UK for California,” says Claire. “They’ve had a series of PR blunders here and can’t seem to do anything right. A fresh start must seem a very tempting idea. They’re much more popular in America. As we saw with Sarah Ferguson, there’s a chance to build a new personal brand there, in a less cynical environment. Having said that, it would be a PR disaster here for them to move. The public already fear Harry’s turning his back on the country and his family – and this would be the ultimate blow. I feel they need to decide what they want to be – royals or celebrities. Although there’s lots to be done to re-establish their popularity, it can…

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‘i’ll show everyone i’m not weak’

‘ COLEEN IS FURIOUS WITH WAYNE FOR PUTTING HER THROUGH THIS AGAIN’ She appeared to put on a brave face amid her latest marriage troubles, enjoying the funfair in Blackpool with her young sons to celebrate the last day of the school holidays. Coleen, 33, shared a series of adorable snaps of her and the boys at the seaside resort last week, following allegations over Wayne partying with other women. EMBARRASSED Coleen was dealt a humiliating blow when the “mystery brunette” with whom Wayne was snapped after a seven-hour bender in Canada last month claimed the footballer stripped to his boxers alongside three women at a Jacuzzi party (Wayne denies any wrongdoing). Now insiders say that the mum of four, who in the days following the scandal was pictured looking tearful and, at one point,…