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Country Living May 2020

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Rooms that invite you to linger. Vintage collectibles displayed with love. A colorful easy-care garden. A porch that says "Come sit!" All yours in the pages of Country Living!

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the sampler

A Welcome from the Editor I recently asked Country Living Homes Editor Jennifer Kopf (see pg. 3) to share her favorite antiquing town. Her answer: “Any town I’m in.” And isn’t that the truth? The joy of this quirky passion is that the promise of discovery—of finding that next one-of-a-kind, delight-inducing thing—is not hundreds of miles away, but rather, just around the bend and, usually, in the places you least expect it. That’s what lures us off, say, U.S. Highway 412 (see below) in the name of unearthing those items just sitting on shelves, waiting for you to discover them. While every issue of Country Living features a fair share of antique finds, this one has true treasure troves, including the antiques-packed loft of Mike Wolfe (pg. 46), the casually collected…

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turn this scene into a room

HUE FINDER Let the store’s curb appeal inspire a color palette. Red Gumball PPG Paints Charismatic Sky Behr Courtyard Green Benjamin Moore FIELD NOTES How to Win at Checkers You’d be hard-pressed to find an all-American mercantile without the game outside. If you’re in it to win it, control the center of the board (maintain a pyramid pattern by moving exterior pieces), keep your back row in place as long as possible, and try to “king” as many pieces as you can. The player who has the most kings usually wins. ILLUSTRATION, MELINDA JOSIE; FLOWERS, WALL SHELF, AND WOODEN SIGN, BRIAN WOODCOCK…

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12 ideas for handkerchiefs

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creature comforts

SO YOU WANT TO ADOPT A…. …new best friend? You’re not alone. According to the ASPCA, more than three million dogs enter shelters each year—and only about half are adopted. Here, CL country vet Dr. Tricia Earley offers advice for adoption day and beyond. PUPPY Youngsters (8 weeks to 1 year) are adorable but require a big time commitment and a healthy dose of patience. PREP FOR… House training. Stock up on puppy pads, and expect accidents along the way. Make sure your home is puppy-proofed. Hide any items you don’t want chewed or played with. MAKE TIME TO TRAIN Puppies are in their peak learning stage. If you can spend time every day playing and teaching basic obedience skills, you will create a strong bond with a well-behaved dog for years to come. ADULT Fully grown pups (1…

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what is it? what is it worth?

OBJECT LESSON: The Good Humor Ice-Cream Truck WHAT TO KNOW: In 1920, Youngstown, Ohio, confectioner Harry Burt paired vanilla ice cream with his newly created chocolate coating, added a stick handle, and behold: The Good Humor bar was born. Soon, his first fleet of bell-ringing vending trucks and their accompanying Good Humor men hit the streets, peddling the tasty treats to curbsides around town and eventually across the country. The trucks became such an icon that throughout the mid-1900s, several companies created toy versions—including Louis Marx (left) and, later, Playskool and even Hot Wheels—that are still very collectible today. Good Humor sold its fleet of trucks in 1976 to focus on grocery store sales, but you can still occasionally spot one today as a coveted auto or even repurposed as a private…

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become a country living fair vendor!

Antiques Dealers We’re talking real-deal, one-of-a-kind finds and other treasures from the antiquing trail—think faded seascapes, vintage trophies… (okay, full disclosure: CL Editor-in-Chief Rachel Barrett collects these, and she’s ready to shop). Have a mix of old and not-repro new? That’s fine. Just tell us what you’ve got. Crafters & Makers Calling all quilters, cross-stitchers, painters, hand-letterers, and other crafty kindred spirits. The Country Living Fair is a chance to get your products in front of 15,000-plus like-minded shoppers! Clothing & Accessories Designers From cotton sundresses and leather handbags to silk bandanas and jewelry, we’re on the hunt for the country’s most stylish finds. (Kids’ and gents’ apparel, too!) Food Artisans Bring on the small-batch moonshine and secret recipes, along with beautifully handcrafted cutting boards and kitchen wares. *Vendors will be notified within two weeks of applying.…