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Cross Country Travel GuideCross Country Travel Guide

Cross Country Travel Guide 2018

Cross Country Magazine’s annual international travel guide to some of the best paragliding and hang gliding sites around the globe. Packed full of information and stunning photographs the 100-page guide is full of up-to-date information about where to fly, when to go and who to talk to when you get there or before you go. Whether you want inspiration for your next trip or reliable, fact-checked information about flying sites around the world, you’ll find it here. A must-read for any pilot who wants to hit the road.

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where in the world

1 – Abu Dhabi p692 – Albania p473 – Annecy, France p604 – Asagiri, Japan p845 – Bali p266 – Bir, India p707 – Bright, Australia p238 – Canoa Quebrada, Brazil p389 – Canungra, Australia p2210 – Cape Town, South Africa p4411 – Cauca Valley, Colombia p403 – Chamonix, France p5613 – Chelan, Washington, USA p3414 – Corsica p4615 – Croatia p4816 – Devil’s Dyke, UK p6417 – Dolomites, Italy p5718 – Dubai p6819 – Gerlitzen, Austria p6220 – Hakuba, Japan p8421 – Interlaken, Switzerland p5722 – Ishigaki Island, Japan p8623 – Iwaya, Japan p8524 – Jupiter, Utah, USA p3325 – Kamshet, India p7426 – Kerio Valley, Kenya p 4227 – Kilimanjaro, Tanzania p4328 – Lake District, UK p6529 – Linzhou, China p8030 – Manilla, Australia p2231 – Markstein, France…

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travel is an attitude

Welcome to the seventh edition of the Cross Country Travel Guide. Once again we have packed it full of great places to fly. Some of them are well-known, accessible international sites, meccas of free flight with good infrastructure and local schools, guides and accommodation. Others are less visited and less well-known, small gems you might otherwise look past.For all of them, we’ve asked the locals for their advice on flying there. Whether it is Yuki Sato-Colombé’s rough guide to Japan, Louis Tapper’s tour of New Zealand or Joanna Di Grigoli’s guide to going big in Brazil, each pilot has generously given us their own unique insight into the region. Thank you to all those who contributed.Travel guides like this are a chance to dream a little. “Where would you go…

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Peter Loncar was born in Belgrade, Serbia, and has been flying since 2007. After completing his military service he focused on air sports, especially paragliding acro. Despite the complete lack of acro scene at home, he went on to master the most difficult tricks and is now a full-time pilot with U-Turn. He is always on the road, exploring new sites and planning new projects. His story of getting well off the beaten track travelling and flying in Mongolia is on p88u-turn.deYuki Sato-Colombé was born in Morioka, northern Japan, and lived in Tokyo for many years before moving to London and then Morocco. She now lives in Àger, Spain, her favourite flying site in the world. She’s been flying for 18 years, is a regular on the PWC podium, and…

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CHECKING INParamotor World Champion Alex Mateos checks out the accommodation by the pool in Egypt (Photo: Louis Garnier)RIVER OF LIGHTWingover in the Soca Valley, above the landing field at Tolmin, Slovenia (Photo: Matjaž Klemenčič) ■…

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(Photo: Tex Beck)Manilla, NSWConveniently divide up your friends into two groups by mentioning you are going to Manilla. Half will wonder why you are heading for the Philippines. Anyone who flies will allow their mouth to fall open and stare wistfully upwards thinking of long glides and perfect cloud streets.Mount Borah near Manilla is Australia’s free-flight mecca. Operated by Godfrey Wennes it’s super consistent, but come in spring or summer to get the best XC conditions. Godfrey is often on hand to give sage advice. He flew the PG world record from here in 1998 so he knows a bit.Astro-turfed launches face all wind directions. The milk-run that follows the road northwards to Bingara and beyond may well be the easiest 100k of your life. Triangles have become more popular…

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timbis, bali

From May to October the southerly trade winds roll in from the Indian Ocean and hit the southern coast of the Bukit Peninsula on the island of Bali. There are four launches on the ridge: Timbis, Gunung Payung (1 & 2), the new Riug launch (hammocks provided!), and Nyang Nyang at the western end. They all provide access to 12km of coastal ridge-run: great for new pilots building hours, or those who want to just chill.The wind starts SE in the morning, and moves S by the afternoon, which is what you need to fly the cliffs. You need a (rarer) dead-on S/SSW to fly the whole ridge to the Uluwatu Temple – push too far with the wind behind you and you will struggle getting back; when the tide…