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Digital Photo April 2013

Digital Photo explores the exciting world of digital photography and technology. Every issue features the latest news, step-by-step instructions, evaluations of the latest equipment, photography tips from the pros and more.

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IN THIS ISSUE, we feature the winners of our sixth annual Your Best Shot photo contest. As usual, you submitted some amazing photographs; it seems like the images get better with every contest we run. In fact, there were so many great submissions that we had our largest finalists’ gallery ever with 120 images. The winners selected by our judges are featured in this month’s View. Congratulations to the winners and finalists. If you haven’t had a chance to view the finalists’ gallery, I suggest you do—it’s inspiring and motivating to see what your peers are doing creatively. Right now, our inaugural Black & White photo contest is underway. One of the unique aspects of this contest is that all of the finalists will be published in and receive a copy…

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6th Annual “Your Best Shot” Photo Contest Winners Grand Prize Congratulations to KRISTINA VARAKSINA of San Francisco, California, for taking the top honors in the 6th Annual Your Best Shot photo contest. This photo is one in a series by Varaksina about female life and psychology. “In this image, I’m referencing the situations when at a very young age girls get influenced by media, fashion magazines, the beauty industry, etc., imposing on them certain standards,” she explains. “Nowadays young girls just ask parents to buy things, but in the mid-20th century they had to make everything themselves. That, I think, helped to grow a generation of strong and independent women. The whole scene was set up and artificially lit. The little girl is a very talented young actress and dancer Daria Yurkevich.” As…

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FAST GLASS Take your next shot with the M.ZUIKO DIGITAL 17mm ƒ/1.8 lens if you’re an Olympus Micro Four Thirds shooter. The bright wide-angle is ideal for street shooting, landscape photography or capturing images taken in challenging low-light environments. With the Snapshot Focus mechanism, you can take spontaneous, blur-free images by shifting the focusing point to a specific distance. Sliding the focus ring back reveals range markings on the lens barrel, including distance and depth-of-field scales, which can be used as guides as you adjust the focal distance by rotating the ring. List Price: $499. Contact: Olympus, (888) 553-4448, SPECIAL EFFECTS Find your creative edge with some help from Alien Skin Software Eye Candy 7. Effects such as Fire, Chrome and the new Lighting, Electrify and Cloud are possible to achieve in…

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hard copy

The Digital Zone System: Taking Control from Capture to Print by Robert Fisher (Rocky Nook, 2012; ISBN: 978-1-937538-13-2). This practical guide shows you how to use the Digital Zone System for editing color images, converting images to black-and-white and tone-mapping HDR images. Also included are brief discussions of color management, setting up Photoshop, printing and exposure for digital images. Lensbaby: Bending Your Perspective, 2nd Edition by Corey Hilz (Focal Press, 2012; ISBN: 978-0-240-82505-2). The book covers everything you want to know about Lensbaby lenses, optics and accessories. Get technical help and creative tips for mastering each product. Learn how to place your sweet spot of focus, when to shoot wide open versus stopped down, the optics to best create a miniature effect and more. The Photograph: Composition and Color Design by Harald…

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silhouettes: shapes in the light

USE STRONG BACKLIGHTING TO CREATE DRAMATIC COMPOSITIONS As photographers, we generally fixate on things such as focus and light, making sure our subjects are correctly lit, allowing for details to be crisp and clear. Silhouette photography flips all that on its ear; instead of wanting the subject illuminated and in clear detail, we’re masking the subject in darkness. The details now become the shape of your subject. Silhouette photography refers to images where a dark figure or shape is against a light background. This is achieved with simple backlighting. Silhouettes occur by shooting into areas of bright light. The background is bright and vivid, with the foreground in dark shadow. The difference in exposure from the background to the foreground creates the silhouette. The subject, or foreground, is transformed into a black…

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notes from the field

Compact Cameras Several of the new cameras I’ve looked at have a 3D feature, which I had previously completely ignored. I’m not a big fan of 3D, but my new TV has that capability, so I decided to try it. I went out to the garden, photographed some flowers and put them on the screen. Holy smokes, I thought. These are actually quite nice. I showed them to my wife and neighbors, who had the same reaction. Then, I dragged over some of my critical photographic colleagues, none of whom had much interest in 3D, but when they looked at my TV screen, the comments were the same. “Wow! How did you do that? You did it with that camera? Does it have double lenses?” No, not double lenses—just software trickery. You…