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Digital Photo April - May 2016

Digital Photo explores the exciting world of digital photography and technology. Every issue features the latest news, step-by-step instructions, evaluations of the latest equipment, photography tips from the pros and more.

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editor’s note

(PHOTO BY DAVID SCHLOSS)Anyone who likes working in a cubicle, raise your hand. I’ll wait. I didn’t think so. Humans aren’t designed to live and work surrounded by flickering fluorescent lights and walls covered in fabric, pushing TPS reports around a melamine desk. Homo sapiens evolved with nature, outside, surrounded by the elements.I’ve always felt happiest when I’m outside, camera in hand, exploring the natural world. Hiking, bike riding, kayaking, even playing Frisbee—these are all relaxing because of the fresh air on my face and the sun on my skin.Even when I arrive in a new city on business, I feel compelled to turn my trip into a hike, exploring neighborhoods, parks and gardens as if I were wandering through a nature preserve.Countless studies show that being outside eases depression,…

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profile: chris burkard

“We had hiked to the Odle Geisler Massif only to find it covered in three feet of snow. The trek was arduous, cold—a bit disappointing to not see it in all its autumn glory. But you can’t help but leave smiling when you have it all to yourself.”“A peaceful morning in Denali National Park, Alaska, paddling the Cook River Inlet, 2015.”“The Ruth Glacier, Denali National Park. It may sound crazy, but there’s something compelling about hiking across vast glacial fields littered with deep crevasses.”“Paragliders ride thermals above the town of Zermatt, with the Matterhorn peeking out in the distance.”“St. Johann Church in the Italian Dolomites has to be one of the most picturesque buildings in the world.”“Iceland has been a place I’ve been shooting for years. With a little change…

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SONY a6300The new Sony a6300, the successor to the wildly popular a6000, is a real speed demon and features a number of updates that certainly will entice a wide range of photographers, including a6000 owners. In addition to an innovative new 24-megapixel APS-C sensor, the a6300 offers a record-breaking 425 phase-detection AF points across the frame. Add 4D focus, shooting speeds of up to 11 fps with continuous AF and exposure tracking, and 4K video, and you have one helluva camera. List Price: $1,000 (body only). Contact: Sony, PENTAX K-1 FULL-FRAME DSLRThe K-1 is Pentax’ first full-frame DSLR and offers benefits that extend far beyond its AA-filterless 36.4-megapixel sensor. This weatherproof camera’s more interesting features revolve around the sensor, with an ISO range up to 204,800, and an updated…

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weather permitting

Shooting in the great outdoors can be a challenging, yet rewarding creative endeavor. No matter the genre of photography—portraits, lifestyle, landscapes, etc.—working amidst the elements can be as labor-intensive as setting up an entire studio shoot, but in a totally different way. Photographers working outdoors are up against a great many things that have the potential to make or break their final images, yet none of those things can be controlled.I recall days when I had scheduled beach portraits for the Golden Hour and all day I was fixated on the weather. Rarely would I have to reschedule, being in Southern California, but there were times when an unexpected thick blanket of fog would roll in 15 minutes before my clients arrived. We call that June Gloom, and on occasion,…

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landscapes and the soulful photographer

At the end of a day taking pictures in nature with my DSLR, I came across this scene and immediately felt moved to photograph it. I reached for my iPhone 6s, composed and took the shot. It happened to be my favorite image of the whole day, because it captured not only the landscape, but also my exact feelings in that moment.Spending time in nature is the perfect setup for quiet observation and introspection. For that reason, landscape photography is a great opportunity for us photographers to immerse ourselves in a particular environment, connect with the ideas and feelings we may want to express, and infuse our images with Soul.Without any distractions, we’re able to more clearly see, feel, think and plan for our shots. All of these steps are…

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10 lessons for your best landscape photographs

I open this article with this quote from Ansel Adams, perhaps the most famous landscape photographer of all time, for a good reason: It’s so true. Yes, in the field, landscape photography can be great fun, but when we get back home and look at our images on our computer monitors, we sometimes ask ourselves, “What was I thinking?” or “How did I make that mistake?”I’ll share with you here my 10 lessons for landscape photography lovers, in the hope that you don’t ask yourself those questions, and that you make landscape photographs rather than just take landscape pictures. 1. S-CURVES ARE COOLThe opening image, taken in Telluride, Colorado, illustrates what’s called in composition an S-curve, created by the yellow line of trees that snakes through the photograph. S-curves lead…