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Digital Photo August 2013

Digital Photo explores the exciting world of digital photography and technology. Every issue features the latest news, step-by-step instructions, evaluations of the latest equipment, photography tips from the pros and more.

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IN THIS ISSUE, we’re showcasing the winners of our Black&White 2013 Annual Photo Contest. You’ll see the first, second and third place winners in our “View” section, and you can check out all of the finalists online at One of my favorite prizes awarded to our finalists is the stunning hardbound portfolio book, created by Blurb, from their images. You can see a digital version of the book on our website at We received an enormous number of stunning submissions, and it’s always difficult to narrow down the field to a small number of finalists. Thanks to my fellow judges Tracey Clark, Ann Elliott Cutting and Rick Sammon for lending their knowledge and keen eyes to the selection process. All of us at Digital Photo enjoy the interaction with you…

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BLACK & WHITE 2013 ANNUAL PHOTO CONTEST WINNERS CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WINNERS and all of the finalists in our Black & White 2013 Annual Photo Contest. Featured here are the first, second and third place winners. Check out all of the finalists at FIRST PLACE COMING STORM BY DAVE DROST In July of 2012, a friend and I headed to Lake Powell. I was looking ahead at the weather and I knew thunderclouds would form over the area. As the wind picked up and the storm started moving toward us, lightning began to flash. Immediately after capturing several images, we could feel the electricity in the air. The rain and wind were so intense, we had to run for cover and move out of the area for fear that our 4WD vehicle might be…

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BACKPACK EVOLUTION The Evolution 6 Photo Sling Backpack by Tamrac is a versatile pack giving you quick access to your gear at all times. Using a harness system, the bag can be worn as a backpack or as a sling pack over the right or left shoulder, and gear can be accessed through zippered doors from the front, left or right sides. The Evolution 6 fits a DSLR with a 51.2-inch lens attached and an additional lens or two, as well as a flash. The foam-padded upper compartment can store accessories, a backup camera or snacks. The mesh back pocket and windowpane mesh pocket inside the door are perfect for memory and smaller accessories. The right pocket holds a rain cover to protect the entire bag during rough weather. Estimated Street…

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point of focus

From The Window Seat Rereading a story I shared in the Shutter Sisters book, Expressive Photography, I was reminded of the exact moment I fell in love with photographing views from an airplane window. "On a recent flight from New York back to Los Angeles I found myself easing into the idea of a long, lazy flight home. I chose to stow my laptop, hold my camera in my lap (just in case) and gaze out the window, resting and reflecting. With no expectations or agenda, I literally watched as the world went by and periodically snapped pictures of the mysterious and multifaceted skyscapes from my window seat. I let the view play its tricks on me as I felt sometimes lost in space, hovering over stormy seas or looking down on…

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notes from the field

The Joy Of flashbulbs Now and then I feel sorry for new generations of photographers who are missing out on the pleasures and challenges, not to mention the scars, of pre-digital photography. Take flashbulbs, for example. How many photographers born in the past 35 years have ever used a real ashbulb? Not those little peanut bulbs-I’m talking about the big ones, the size of light bulbs that could screw into a lamp socket. Traditional flashbulbs put out tremendous blasts of light primarily due to their duration-a typical electronic ash may be bright, but the duration is only about 1/500th of a second. Flashbulbs range from 1/50th of a second to nearly two seconds. The railroad photographer, O. Winston Link, used them to illuminate entire trains crossing trestles. For his iconic drive-in theater photo,…

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classic lighting recipes

As much as I like to experiment when it comes to lighting, there are times when I need the sure thing. Wouldn’t it be great to know five lighting techniques that always work and create a variety of looks? Techniques a beginner could master in a short time with minimal gear? Lighting styles vary through the years, but over time a few techniques and principles stand out as timeless. These proven lighting techniques have produced some of the most iconic photographs in history. The next time a client calls with a big job-or you need to photograph the neighbor’s kids-have these lighting recipes in your back pocket. 1 | SOFT LIGHTING Lighting all starts with one light, and sometimes that’s all you need, but not all single lights are equal. First, let’s review a…