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Digital Photo August - September 2016

Digital Photo explores the exciting world of digital photography and technology. Every issue features the latest news, step-by-step instructions, evaluations of the latest equipment, photography tips from the pros and more.

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editor’s note

Almost inevitably, my favorite images from a portrait shoot are the accidental ones, the moments that happened between takes or that occur when the something is being adjusted. Little, fleeting moments in which the personality of the subjects really shines happen so often that I try to keep my camera in my hand and turned on no matter what’s going on around me, and especially after the shoot has ended.This shot happened at the end of a few hours testing camera equipment at sunset on the banks of the Hudson River. Gina, my model, is one of those highly prized models that not only is up for anything, but suggests trying things that other subjects might not go for. I had asked her to stand on the rocks with the…

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profile: ali sayago

During my final thesis for graduation I wanted to expose the world of rescue, this image displays the powerful emotion that runs through the saving of animals.I wanted to create a cinematic look combining the California feel with the classic film noir.The various faces of a pitbull, one of the most misunderstood breed of animals, portrayed as a vicious creatures by the media, they will do anything to be loved, even if that means to do wrong. All they truly want is affection.After being harassed by the cops at the beach for shooting without a permit, I managed to make enough time to grab this quick shot of this surfer from Hawaii.When working with a new face, you must break the barrier of self consciousness, while shooting this girl, I…

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SIGMA MOUNT CONVERTER MC-11Sigma’s Mount Converter MC-11 is designed specifically for Sony E-mount, full frame and APS-C sensor cameras. It gives E-mount users access to 15 Sigma Canon Mount (EF) and Sigma Mount (SA) Global Vision lenses. The converter comes with an LED display to let users know if the lens is compatible and it if it needs to be updated. List Price: $249 Contact: Sigma Corporation of America, PANASONIC GX85If you’re looking for a sophisticated mirrorless camera that’s packed with features but keeps the price tag well under $1,000 (with a 12-32mm lens), check out the new Panasonic Lumix GX85. This compact, 16-megapixel model offers some of the latest technology on the market today, including 5-axis dual image stabilization, an electromagnetic shutter, Post Focus technology and 4K video.…

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best tips for soulful photography

Here the mood is a bit more contrasty, but at the same time it is softened by the warm tones throughout the image, creating an inviting and cozy atmosphere.In my book Shooting with Soul: 44 Photography Exercises Exploring Life, Beauty and Self-Expression, I revealed my “secret formula” with the key steps to shoot images with soul: SEE + FEEL + THINK + CONNECT + SHOOT => SOULFUL IMAGESAfter I wrote my book, I began to further question myself on what exactly makes up a soulful image. Here are my top three findings: 1. LIGHT AND MOOD: Light creates mood, and I believe that mood is the No. 1 reason we are drawn to an image. Is the image light and ethereal or dark and mysterious? Is it saturated and vibrant…

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making magic of the messes

“Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we’ll ever do.”—Brene BrownLife is messy. Our days have stains, stumbles and ragged edges. But life is worth it; there’s so much beauty and meaning in each moment, even our most difficult ones. There isn’t a day that goes by that doesn’t offer us an opportunity to photograph something spectacular. We don’t ever have to look any further than the life unfolding right in front of us to find inspiration, creative challenge and meaningful moments to capture. When you turn your lens on your own world and allow things to tell you their story, you give yourself the gift of being witness to that which is whizzing by in your life. The minute we pick up…

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harnessing the power of hdr

The scene, as it would normally be captured with a single exposure clearly is missing detail and vibrancy. This type of scene is a perfect candidate for HDR photography.This simulated HDR image shows how a good image can go bad, quickly. By simply boosting exposures, a garish, over-saturated image is created.The same image, using Photoshop’s default HDR settings produces a pleasing image, but would require some tweaking.There’s a common misunderstanding about what HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography actually means, and what it was designed to do. HDR is often confused with tone mapping, a technique that simulates an extended dynamic range by reducing contrast in an image while brightening and saturating colors. Tone mapping is a way to tackle overly high-contrast images, but the effects are frequently exaggerated with a…