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Digital Photo December 2013

Digital Photo explores the exciting world of digital photography and technology. Every issue features the latest news, step-by-step instructions, evaluations of the latest equipment, photography tips from the pros and more.

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HAPPY HOLIDAYS! This time of year offers a lot of unique photo opportunities as family and friends gather around the fireplace and tables are brimming with traditions. Capturing these occasions is not only a valuable visual record to be passed along to future generations, but it’s also an opportunity to try new techniques or approach a new subject.In this issue’s “Point Of Focus,” Kristin Zecchinelli of Shutter Sisters takes us on a photographic step-by-step through the making of one of her family’s traditions: peach pie. The series is a lot more than documentary. The soft light, careful composition and attention to details make the subject come alive, evoking taste, smell and touch—you can feel the flour in your hands. For Zecchinelli, food is an important connection to family, making these…

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DESTINATIONS 2013TRAVEL PHOTO CONTEST WINNERSFIRST PLACELooking Up“I love the peace and quiet of going to Delicate Arch during the night when there are no crowds. I had spent the night photographing the arch, and just before leaving, I thought it would be great to get a self-portrait. I set my camera on Timer, set up my light, clicked the shutter and ran under the arch before the exposure began. After the 30-second shot, I ran back to my camera and realized I took my favorite shot of the night!”Nikon D600, Rokinon 14mm ƒ/2.8…

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third place

Café Le Consulat“My wife and I took an anniversary trip to Paris. She’s into whole foods and markets, and I love photography and art, so the trip was a wonderful sharing experience for both of us and it was beyond our expectations. It’s all there for the photographer: the architecture, the bridges, the cafés. For night photography and street photography, it was a smorgasbord of images. Everything came together—even the weather was perfect. I had the most satisfying photographic experience of my life.”Nikon D700, Nikkor 20mm ƒ/2.8…

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point of focus

Delicious MemoriesWith the booming age of food photography, foodie blogging, cookbooks and food stylists, where does this leave the everyday cook? There’s no food stylist in my home, but lots of good food, fresh ingredients and homemade goodness. Don’t be intimated by the amazing world of food photography—instead, let it serve as an inspiration in your everyday life. Food holds stories, and this article is to celebrate the real, “homey” moments around my kitchen, and yours.I tend to be a sentimental girl, and therefore, I love traditions. They’re the simple threads that bind us to our pasts, food traditions and memories being great examples. Food connects us all. Recipes handed down from generation to generation are priceless pieces to the puzzle that’s your life. They hold stories, the “Oh, wasn’t…

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tips for home-cooked photos

1 | Pay attention to detail. Slow down. Savor the process from start to finish.2 | Seek out great natural light in your kitchen or cooking space.3 | Choose linens, utensils and cookware, paying attention to their colors and textures.4 | Don’t be afraid to get messy and document the messy! Cooking is a fullcontact sport and you’re going to get your hands dirty.5 | Focus on the “real”—floury, messy, dirty dishes all included.6 | Hands are also encouraged. Capturing your own hands, and the hands of those helping, can be a beautiful detail to record.7 | Tell a story. By capturing from start to finish, you tell the story naturally.8 | Eat and enjoy! Don’t forget to document that first yummy bite or smiling faces around your table.…

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archiving your photographs

I had a visitor recently who told me that he once watched me photograph an elephant being bathed in a river near the village of Hampi in India. My computer was already on, so I launched Lightroom and did a search for “Elephant, India”. Within seconds, the pictures were on the screen in front of us, culled from over 219,000 images in my Lightroom library. We skimmed through the photos, and sure enough, in the background, you could seemy friend on the riverbank watching me. It was taken before we ever met.It’s a great feeling to have someone ask you about a photograph taken several years earlier and to have it appear on your screen moments later. (Not such a good feeling when your search fails to find the picture.)…