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Digital Photo January - February 2015

Digital Photo explores the exciting world of digital photography and technology. Every issue features the latest news, step-by-step instructions, evaluations of the latest equipment, photography tips from the pros and more.

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rising above the noise

It’s been said that the prerequisite for being a photographer is owning a DSLR camera. As established professionals we know that’s not true. It takes a lot more. Most of us have studied and trained for years to hone our craft and consistently deliver professional-quality images, yet amateur or unexperienced photographers often undercut our experience and education with unsubstantiated claims that they have the same abilities. So how do you set yourself apart in today’s challenging and competitive photography environment? Professional Photographers of America (PPA) helps 27,000+ photographers with different educational programs and marketing tools, giving them what it takes to stand out from the seemingly ever-growing competition. Some photographers take the extra step of getting certified. The certified professional photographer (CPP) designation from PPA assures potential clients that you, as…

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Among my happiest memories of college life are the hours I spent in the darkroom working to master the art of black-and-white printing under the warm glow of the safelights. (If you haven’t worked in a wet darkroom, a safelight is so named because it only emits a part of the light spectrum to which black-and-white papers are insensitive.) As a TA, I had my own key to the darkroom, and it wasn’t uncommon to find me there late at night experimenting with developer chemicals and hand-filed negative carriers. Part of the magic of the traditional darkroom was the unexpected, the making of happy accidents. There’s much less surprise in digital photography—you see the results of your exposure immediately on your camera’s screen. But there’s still a lot of room for…

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black & white 2014 photo contest winners

FIRST PLACE “MIMICRY” BY EKATERINA PLATONOVA “Many years ago, I had a dream of a man in a black coat and a hat standing in front of a rusty door of an old abandoned house,” explains Ekaterina Platonova. “I was right behind him and had a feeling that this moment was particularly important. Time passed, but I still was drawn to go back to that moment, so one day me and my coauthor Andrey Kazakov went to a flea market to find a hat and a coat. We had our requisite items in the car’s trunk when we were driving to the country a couple of weeks later, and I saw this high-contrast scene with trees. This is how my ‘Man In Hat’ series started. We’re still inspired by this character—someone who plays…

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WESTCOTT OMEGA REFLECTOR A go-to tool for both natural light shooters and speedlight users, the Westcott Omega Reflector utilizes a shoot-through window and multiple reflective surfaces to offer the results of a beauty dish, ring flash and traditional reflector. The Omega Reflector offers a one-stop diffusion panel, white surface for soft light, silver surface for filling shadows, sunlight surface providing natural warm skin tones, and a black cover to add shadows and block extraneous light. Within the double-riveted 38x45-inch frame, a 2:3 center frame can be removed for shoot-through capabilities that provide a unique catchlight. Suction cups for glass mounting and a travel case with shoulder strap are included. List Price: $99. Contact: Westcott, PORTABLE STUDIO LIGHT The Phottix Indura 500TTL Studio Light provides high-quality control in a small and portable package.…

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converting a favorite image

For a National Geographic book, I spent five months traveling overland with Gypsies from England to India retracing the route their ancestors traveled nearly a thousand years earlier. While driving through a remote mountainous region of Romania, I came across a small village with a country fair in process. Here, I made one of my favorite pictures showing a young Gypsy girl seated on a faded wooden one-eared carousel horse. It became a memorable photo to me for two reasons. First, it ran as the cover on my book titled Gypsies: Wanderers of the World, published in 1971. Second, I got arrested taking that photo. I never got the name of the girl in the colorful skirt because I was interrupted by the local politie who asked me to accompany them…

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beautiful proof

We live in the age of the “selfie,” one-armed snapshots of ourselves, alone or with friends, mugging for our own cameras. The Oxford Dictionaries even named “selfie” 2013’s Word of the Year. I think all this duck-lip, doe-eyed snapping is giving the selfie a bad rap. A few years ago, I had an epiphany. Though I had thousands of images of my life, my family and the beauty around me, I had so very few images of myself in any of it. Being the photographer in the family meant I was always holding the camera, keeping me behind the lens, not in the frame. If there came a rare occasion when someone else was manning the camera, I still had the power to view each image and then push that ever-tempting…