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Digital Photo October - November 2016

Digital Photo explores the exciting world of digital photography and technology. Every issue features the latest news, step-by-step instructions, evaluations of the latest equipment, photography tips from the pros and more.

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celebrating the year’s best gear

Most photographers I know are unabashed gearheads. Sure, there’s the occasional shooter who doesn’t know a Holga from a Hasselblad, but the majority of shooters I’ve met love their gear. That makes sense, since the tools we use to create our images are as much a part of our creativity as a paintbrush is to a painter or as clay is to Patrick Swayze’s ghost.Sure, there are plenty of people who will tell you that the gear doesn’t matter, that “a good photographer can make a great image with any camera.” That’s true, but only to a point.Take a disposable film camera to an Olympic freestyle skiing event, and you might end up with a great photo, but you won’t have the same result as if you had taken a…

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profile: john kraus

Delta IV Heavy climbs high, carrying NROL-37, for the National Reconnaissance Office.United Launch Alliance launches AFSPC-6 for the United States Air Force atop a Delta IV Medium rocket.SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket launches CRS-9 to the International Space Station, and the first stage of the rocket lands back at Landing Zone 1 on Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, July 18, 2016.ULA’s Delta IV Heavy pushes off the pad, lifting the NROL-37 spy satellite to orbit, for the National Reconnaissance Office.There are a lot of photographers who dream of a job documenting historic rocket launches, but for JOHN KRAUS, that dream has come true. The fact that Kraus’ images are so excellently composed and well executed is a bit mind-boggling when you find out he’s 16 years old.We first saw Kraus’ work…

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the spark of inspiration

DPPhotography, like many other creative media, takes incredible skill. There are tools and techniques of the trade that demand understanding and experience to master. Even still, no matter how much you know about photography in the technical sense, there’s an artistic element that every photographer must bring to each frame. And linked to any artistic endeavor is almost always the desire, longing or need for some kind of inspiration. But finding inspiration isn’t always easy, even for the most creative or seemingly “inspired” photographers. So what are the ways to seek out and discover photographic inspiration when you need it most?There’s no right or wrong answer, but there are some tried and true ways that some photographers seem to find something that lights up their lens and keeps them shooting.…

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8 inspiration incentives

1. NATURE: Let the magic and mystery of the natural world pique your curiosity and entice your lens in refreshing new ways.2.CONVERSATION: Seek out other creatives to connect with. Photo friends and colleagues can often offer new perspectives.3.FILMS: Observe moving pictures like you would a still image. The cinema can open new portals of visual ideas and inspiration.4.LIFE: Sometimes the most ordinary things can yield the most extraordinarily photogenic opportunities if you’re open to them.5.CHALLENGES: Finding creative challenges or photo prompts can lead your lens toward something unique. Newness can translate into something refreshing.6.GEAR: Try a new piece of photography gear. Borrow, rent or buy a different lens or a new gadget to help mix things up.7. PROJECTS: Whether solo or in a group, working on a project means you’ve…

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a photographer’s technique of choice

1) One could say that sunset pictures are old news, but one could also argue that the beauty of sunsets never gets old. Do not let photo trends dictate how you approach your photography. If you enjoy capturing sunset images, play with various techniques to capture the warmth and light in new ways.2) Capturing, enhancing or adding a flare element to your image can elevate your shot and make it more dramatic. If you are adding the flare element digitally (as seen on this shot), make sure you study the light in the rest of the picture, as well.3) In this shot, the sunset was simply a background for the silhouetted shapes of the trees. You can explore the same technique and theme in many shots and still create an…

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2016 editors’ choice awards

By all accounts, this has been an incredible year for photographic equipment and for photographers looking to buy new gear. We’ve seen the professional DSLR category completely refreshed, thanks to the introduction of several new flagship cameras, and have seen the enthusiast and amateur DSLR market reinvigorated with new models at a variety of price points. The mirrorless market has been heating up, as the respective manufacturers advance their technology and fight for market share in areas traditionally held by DSLRs. Compact cameras are better than ever, thanks to models that finally cater to the demands of the serious photographic shooter.This year, we’ve seen the introduction of tons of new lenses, strobes, studio lights, modifiers, tripods, bags, software and accessories of all kind. In fact, it’s hard for us to…