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Digital Photo September - October 2015

Digital Photo explores the exciting world of digital photography and technology. Every issue features the latest news, step-by-step instructions, evaluations of the latest equipment, photography tips from the pros and more.

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No matter what photographic subjects you’re passionate about, our annual How-To Special Issue is filled with techniques you can use to create extraordinary images, plus inspiration to explore new subjects and styles. Macro photography, for example, opens up a fascinating world of details. “I want to connect people to the small world that’s all around us,” explains Damon Clarke, “and remind them of the smaller beauty that’s so often missed.” To get started in close-up photography, you don’t need to make a major investment in equipment or attempt challenging subjects. Among his many tips for beginners in his article “Intro To Macro,” Clarke advises, “I would recommend practicing on stationary subjects like flowers in a vase, moss on a rock or mushrooms poking through the leaves… Take the time to get…

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weddings and events winners 2015 photo contest

FIRST PLACE PHOTOGRAPHER: SERG TISSO “I love to shoot portraits. I wanted to focus on the beauty of the bride. I converted the original shot to black-and-white to focus on the essentials.” Nikon D700, AF Nikkor 85mm ƒ/1.4D IF SECOND PLACE PHOTOGRAPHER: GILCHRIST YEO “This photo was taken at a resort in Bali. The indoor environment is beautiful and stunning.” Yeo used flash fill to complement the natural window light. Canon EOS 5D Mark II, Tamron SP AF 17-35mm ƒ/2.8-4 Di LD Aspherical (IF) THIRD PLACE PHOTOGRAPHER: MARTA ANGUS “This was the 10th wedding anniversary of two of my best friends, Charysse and Dustin, pictured in the center. Her parents threw this amazing, beautiful party at the Hotel Georgia in downtown Vancouver. They hired me to photograph the family and guests. I didn’t have to work the whole night—Charysse wanted…

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THREE NEW NIKKOR LENSES Nikon has introduced three new lenses, all featuring Nikon’s electromagnetic diaphragm for consistent exposures during high-speed shooting. For DX (APS-C) Nikon DSLR users, there’s the AF-S DX NIKKOR 16-80mm ƒ/2.8-4E ED VR (equivalent in field of view to 24-120mm on a full-frame camera), which provides focal lengths ideal for everything from landscapes to portraits and travel photography. The lens can focus down to 1.2 feet at all focal lengths, for a maximum reproduction ratio of 0.22X at 80mm. It measures 3.1x3.3 inches and weighs 16.1 ounces, and lists for $1,069.95. For all Nikon DSLRs, DX and full-frame FX, the new AF-S NIKKOR 500mm ƒ/4E ED VR and 600mm ƒ/4E ED VR telephotos are optimized for today’s high-resolution sensors and high-speed DSLRs, and cut weight considerably over their predecessors…

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in praise of photo assignments

Staying creatively motivated when going it alone isn’t always easy. It can be challenging to hold ourselves accountable, which is why it’s nice to have someone to do that for us. When we’re given a specific assignment, we’re more prone to actually do it. Dates, times and deadlines help us plan, produce and complete a given project. BOOKS: There are so many photography books available. Look for those that offer not only how-tos but also give you prompts or challenges to partake in. Being prompted to shoot with a specific end in mind can be a great way to boost creativity. CLASSES: There are ample opportunities for photo classes, both in traditional and virtual class settings. Never underestimate the power of being in school again. It can creatively charge your work in…

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an everyday opportunity

Creative inspiration can come in a number of ways. Quite often it hits when we least expect it. There’s no denying when it strikes us, when we are reignited with photographic passion to capture the world around us with fresh eyes. But what happens when we don’t want to wait? It can be tricky to crack the code on coaxing the muse of inspiration when we need it. Over the years, I have found that I have been particularly inspired when I have a specific assignment to focus on, and even more, when there’s a collective energy behind it (meaning a group of people are participating in the assignment at the same time). Working on a photo project, either alone or in a group, can be the perfect way to ignite…

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sports line by sigma

The 120-300mm F2.8 DG OS HSM | S has a fast ƒ/2.8 maximum aperture across the zoom range. Inner Focusing and Zooming ensure the lens stays balanced on your tripod, while Sigma’s Optical Stabilizer (OS) technology counteracts camera shake when shooting handheld. When even greater telephoto range is required, the 150-600mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM | S is outstanding. It features an enhanced OS system with an accelerometer to detect vertical or horizontal panning orientation. A zoom lock allows you to fix the lens to any focal length. Both lenses feature dustproof and splashproof construction. For more than 50 years, Sigma has been dedicated to continually refining their approach to the design of superior photographic optics. As part of that practice, Sigma reorganized their lens offerings into three distinct lines: Sports, Contemporary…