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Facility Management

Facility Management August - September 2015

Facility Management is Australasia's premier independent magazine addressing the needs of professional building and property managers and their suppliers. Readers are interested in the latest information regarding the operation, efficiency and design of commercial buildings.

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editor's comment

This issue of Facility Management looks at disruptive technology and how it is redefining the FM industry. By definition, a technology is only ‘disruptive’ until it becomes widely adopted. Herein lies the reason why the market offers a plethora of new technologically driven services (some around for several years) and yet they are still considered disruptive in many circles. Perhaps the term ‘disruptive’ startles the horses and in an industry like facility management where minimal disruption is a KPI for success, it is understandable why facility managers and decision-makers defer to tried and true tradition. Championing innovation, we look at the rewards in implementing innovative technology, how to avoid making change for change’s sake and how a well-planned roadmap can strategise investments wisely. Inside, you’ll find also find two new regular…

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content partner contributions

SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC’S IRINA LINDQUIST Lindquist is Schneider Electric’s healthcare solution architect in Australia and is currently leading the healthcare solutions development and implementation for the Healthcare and Life Sciences segment. SCHINDLER LIFTS’ PETER STEMI Stemi is the EH&S manager at Schindler Lifts Australia and works closely with clients to educate and facilitate better workplace health and safety procedures in light of national WHS legislations. ASSA ABLOY’S DAVID WARD Ward is the business development manager – Wireless Access Control at ASSA ABLOY. He has more than 15 years of experience in security management and access control services.…

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WILKIE CIVIL ENGINEERING OFFICIALLY LAUNCHES ITS UPGRADED WEBSITE Wilkie Civil Engineering (Wilkie) has announced its fully featured website –www.wilkieengineering.com.au. With the newly revamped website and recent redesign of the company logo, the branding identity is now more closely aligned with the company’s vision for growth and development. The new site has extensive content, helping viewers understand Wilkie’s complete range of services and project capabilities. The website has been redesigned with user-friendly navigation, a fresh look, and special tools and features. It is updated with the latest information and provides a comprehensive range of service offerings. The new design allows users to understand the organisation and easily access items they are looking for. The website is compatible with smartphones, tablets and desktops, allowing access to the site from any location on any device. The website’s…

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new fm products

Rubbermaid HYGEN Disposable Microfibre System The Rubbermaid HYGEN Disposable Microfibre System features innovative technology that offers optimal infection prevention, superior cleaning performance and improved productivity. It is the only disposable product line proven to remove 99.9 percent of microbes, including C. Diff. Traditional disposable products cannot remove microbes, leaving behind a food source for live pathogens. Rubbermaid HYGEN Disposable Microfibre eliminates the food source and combines superior microfibre cleaning in a disposable application to prevent cross-transmission and reduce the occurrence of healthcare associated infections. www.rubbermaidcommercial.com.au/hygen Panasonic releases new IP network security cameras Panasonic’s new 5 Series Dome and Fixed Network cameras also provide advanced features such as 133dB Enhanced Super Dynamic Range, and day/night functionality with a built-in removable infrared (IR) cut filter. The 5 Series uses Panasonic’s latest image sensor technology combined with…

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rewards in innovative technology implementations

Facility management organisations tend to be wary of new technologies, taking a riskaverse approach to implementing emerging solutions. Minimising risk is a smart approach and facility management organisations that balance risk management with cautious innovation can reap significant rewards, potentially leaping ahead of the competition. Adopting new technology is one way to drive growth and profitability, and it can even transform the business for the better. Yet with an increased rate of change comes increased business risk. While advancements in big data analytics and business management systems can help organisations in all industries cut costs and gain a competitive edge, it is critical for business leaders and their technology project partners to work strategically and methodically. Innovative technologies can help businesses reduce price and lower barriers to entry, change the ‘go-to-market’ strategy…

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rising to the fm challenge

Positioning facilities management (FM) alongside other strategic business units acknowledges FM as a critical function integrated within the organisation. It also elevates the status of FM to an equal partner in strategic planning processes. In most corporate environments, however, the challenge is securing an invitation into the boardroom. This will only be met by implementing behavioural and structural changes in the way that FM operates. In the first global study into FM as a strategic business unit, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) published the report ‘Raising the Bar: Enhancing the Strategic Role of Facilities Management’ in November 2012. This report resulted from an international study by global learning and development organisation, the Occupiers’ Journal. Detailed interviews and surveys were conducted with 400 senior facilities management professionals, resulting in five recommendations…