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Facility Management

Facility Management August - September 2017 - AWRE

Facility Management is Australasia's premier independent magazine addressing the needs of professional building and property managers and their suppliers. Readers are interested in the latest information regarding the operation, efficiency and design of commercial buildings.

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editor's letter

Last week I attended one of the excellent CoreNet seminars where, among other issues on outsourcing, the idea of mandating ‘innovation’ in facility management contracts was discussed. There’s no doubt that being innovative is a great thing. Certainly, from the technology point of view, the pace of development and change in FM has possibly never been quicker. But is it really possible to demand innovation from a service provider and, if so, would clients be prepared to invest more to achieve this as part of any integrated offering? Showing a track record of innovation is a way for FM service providers to differentiate themselves in the market. But what does being innovative actually mean? Rather than necessarily being product-centred, is it more about the ability of facilities managers to adapt and evolve…

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world-first ‘contactless’ traveller clearance

Electronic identity solutions company Vision- Box has announced it will deliver what it says is the world’s first automated ‘contactless’ traveller clearance process for Australia’s international airports. The Portugal headquartered company has won a three-year contract with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP). This new project follows on from the work it started in 2015 with Australia’s ‘SmartGate’ biometric border control. Vision Box says this new contract will focus on ‘next gen’ automated border control to process passengers and assist the Australian Government in collecting and verifying biometric data from all passengers arriving at international airports here. The technology will also deliver a new capability to enable known travellers to self-process through the border without the need to use a passport – relying entirely on facial recognition. “This contract represents an…

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news roundup

TRENDS IN OPERATIONAL PPP PROJECTS – NEW INTERNATIONAL SURVEY Following the launch of the Infrastructure and Projects Financing Agency, the Australian Government will significantly increase the focus on drawing private sector financing for transport, housing, infrastructure and other projects. UK-based Public-Private Partnership (PPP) operational and performance management software provider Service Works Global has conducted an international survey, asking: ‘With the rise in prominence of PPP contracts across Australia, how will these projects compare to other PPPs across the world?’ Service Works says the survey is the first of its kind looking at operational PPP projects and has revealed insights into what drives successful PPP contracts and the risk factors that can compromise long-term project success. “With much public infrastructure – from hospitals and schools to defence facilities and transport systems – now being delivered…

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new fm products

3M Anti-Slip Surface Protection Film The 3M Anti-Slip Surface Protection Film helps prevent damage and keeps floors safe even in heavy traffic areas. The thin, almost invisible, film protects surfaces from everyday wear and tear. It has been certified to a P4 slip rating and comes in a 1.2- by 15-metre mini roll and an 80-millimetre by 15-metre roll, which is ideal for staircases. Reducing the number of stripping and recoating events required, the film needs no special tools or techniques for installation or removal. www.3M.com/au/facilities Airblade Drying hands hygienically is just as important as washing them. The Dyson Airblade Tap hand dryer uses HEPA filtration, capturing 99.95 percent of particles the size of bacteria and viruses from the air used to dry hands. So hands are dried with cleaner air, not dirty air. Thanks…

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my space

“So much of what happens at work these days is because of habits drawn from the past, rather than the way we need to operate now.” – Chris Alcock, Six Ideas There are a lot of people walking around office buildings with clipboards or trawling through data ‘beamed back’ by sensors these days. They’re working out who’s at their desk, how long they’re spending there and where else they’re hanging out. In short – how the workspace is being, or not being, used. As the nature of work transforms, so too will our workplaces. At the forefront will be facility managers – getting their heads around a quantum shift to deliver not only more useable, practical and efficient space, but also more enjoyable space. What began with hot-desking and has evolved into activitybased…

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bringing the right expertise

“There’s no doubt the professional building manager has evolved into becoming more of a contract manager,” he says. “Their role is to also source and manage a suite of contractors who provide the service to operate the building. The most successful operators will get their providers to share a vision of what the building should look like, feel like and operate to a tenant or a visitor. “The ANZ headquarters at Docklands is a good example. The building is designed to reflect a culture of openness and inclusion, and the building management team is responsible for delivering that, through engaging specialist providers. This could be anywhere between 50 and 60 packages, if you like, of deliverables. “We’re seeing long-term partnerships forming between facility managers and their core team of service providers,…