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Facility Management

Facility Management December 2015 - January 2016

Facility Management is Australasia's premier independent magazine addressing the needs of professional building and property managers and their suppliers. Readers are interested in the latest information regarding the operation, efficiency and design of commercial buildings.

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editor's comment

This month’s issue of Facility Management focuses on security and our lead feature takes a look at the human face of security – asking if the human element is dispensable in light of technological advances. In our content partnership program, Schindler Lifts discusses escalator safety, outlining the steps facilities managers can take to minimise incidents and risks during the peak holiday season. ASSA ABLOY looks at the future of keyless locking solutions – a security technology that is taking off in the hospitality industry. Finally, ISS Australia demystifi es what ‘excellent service’ entails and discusses the key points on which FM service providers ought to focus for success and client satisfaction. In this issue, we also feature our Annual Software Guide – a comprehensive overview of software products and suppliers in Australasia’s…

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content partner contributions

A Facility Management Content Partner is an organisation with which we’ve entered into a partnership to collaborate on content for the magazine (see page numbers listed for each). In this issue, thought leaders from respective organisations are: SCHINDLER LIFTS’ DARRIN CORRIGAN Darrin Corrigan has been working in the lift industry for more than 30 years. He is the technical training manager at Schindler Lifts Australia and specialises in escalators and moving walkways, and has worked in both fi eld operations and technical support. He has also designed many training courses for both lift industry personnel and asset/facility managers. ASSA ABLOY’S MICHAEL BENIKOS Michael Benikos has been working with ASSA ABLOY Hospitality (formerly VingCard Elsafe) since 1995. He has extensive experience in the supply and installation of electronic locks, safes and energy management systems in…

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LIGHTWEIGHT PLASTERBOARD FROM USG BORAL SAVES CONSTRUCTION TIME USG Boral’s newest engineered lightweight plasterboard, Sheetrock has increased productivity on-site during the construction of 480 Queen Street in Brisbane. It is 15 percent lighter than standard 13-millimetre plasterboard, allowing for faster delivery, distribution and installation of materials. “As head contractor, Grocon considers a number of factors when specifying materials for use on-site, including safety, cost, time, speed of installation, availability of product, ease of handling and transporting materials, and environmental benefi ts,” says Cameron Starkey, assistant project manager at Grocon. “As a lighter alternative to regular plasterboard, Sheetrock increases productivity on-site, enabling delivery of the product to various locations within the building. The use of Sheetrock also reduces installation time and time spent distributing material loads,” adds Starkey. Approximately 30,000 square metres of Sheetrock are…

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new fm products

Never lose track of important packages with SendSuite Tracking Online This SaaS (Software as a Service)-based solution automates the process of logging, tracking and managing of packages and important mail coming into your organisation. This saves you time and money. Plus, SendSuite Tracking Online makes your entire receiving process more accurate and effi cient. This proven solution ensures you know the real-time status of any mail item and lets you report precisely on where it is in the delivery chain. Meet the expectations of both the recipient and the sender by ensuring that all mail is handled securely and with optimum effi ciency. www.pitneybowes.com/au/ssto Panasonic brings rugged handheld tablets to Toughbook line The new Panasonic fi ve-inch Toughpad can be used while wearing heavy gloves, in the rain or in direct sunlight to fulfi…

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the human face of security: a matter of artful competence

The facilities management sector has had to cope with myriad threats to facilities. As facilities become more complex, and the needs of tenants become broader, more threats need to be considered. Air-conditioning units need preventative maintenance to protect air quality, pest control treatments are needed to ensure sanitation, and the list goes on. Security is yet another risk in the facilities manager’s portfolio. More importantly, security risks often compete poorly with other classes of risk for scarce budgetary resources. Security is a fundamentally human issue. It is perhaps this complexity that explains why security competes so poorly for resources. Insecurity is caused by humans, aff ects humans and can only be fully addressed by humans. In recent years there has been a real shift to rely more heavily on emergent security…

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the convergence of it security and physical access control

Facilities are increasingly moving to a security model where multiple access control tools and identities can be supported on one card, token or smartphone. This eliminates the need for users to remember and carry separate cards or other devices for opening doors, logging onto computers and accessing cloud-based applications. It also enables the inclusion of other high-value applications, including cashless vending, time and attendance and secure print management, as well as allowing other security systems to be amalgamated with access control and centrally managed from the one location. There is growing demand from employees for provisioning IT and physical access control system (PACS) credentials to a single card or smartphone, using a single set of processes. In today’s busy world, employees tend to demand seamless access to buildings and systems, with…