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Facility Management

Facility Management December 2016 - January 2017

Facility Management is Australasia's premier independent magazine addressing the needs of professional building and property managers and their suppliers. Readers are interested in the latest information regarding the operation, efficiency and design of commercial buildings.

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editor's comment

The importance of software, and its supporting technologies, has become well-established in the facility management profession. Facility managers are increasingly expected to have a broad understanding of how to manage the software that is now integrating the many different areas of a building into one seamless system. With this movement, more and more software vendors are distributing solutions that are enhancing the operation of buildings, as well as the day-to-day activities of facility managers and the building’s inhabitants. In this edition of Facility Management, we feature our Annual Software Guide – a comprehensive overview of the latest software products and suppliers in Australasia’s facilities management sector. The Guide features the most relevant solutions currently in the market, which have been designed to enhance the built environment and improve work processes for all inhabitants. Meanwhile, our…

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sydney town hall powers up with trigeneration

A low-carbon trigeneration plant is now powering, heating and cooling Sydney Town Hall and neighbouring Town Hall House, where 1500 City of Sydney employees work. Trigeneration is a low-carbon form of energy production, with less than half the carbon emissions of the coal-fired plants that generate around 80 percent of Sydney’s electricity. The plant has been gradually phased in over recent months and is now fully supplying the City’s civic buildings on working weekdays from 7am to 10pm. Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore says the 1400-kilowatt system is expected to cut carbon emissions by more than 40,000 tonnes over its 30-year lifetime, equivalent to 1500 small cars. “Installing trigeneration power at Town Hall is already helping us reduce our reliance on coal-generated energy hauled in from the Hunter Valley and allows us to…

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new fm products

Monitored AED and integrated response system Australian Defibrillators provides monitored automated external defibrillator (AED) and integrated response systems, giving you peace of mind that your system is fully operational in a cardiac emergency, delivering real-time communication to you and emergency responders. The solutions include: real-time emergency SMS and email notifications to on-site responders, rapid access to a fully operational defibrillator, secure cabinets and 24/7 monitoring to reduce theft and vandalism, all-weather public access emergency towers and cabinets, tailored response protocol to support bystanders until emergency services arrive, compatibility with all major AED brands and climate control to AED manufacturer’s specifications. Call 1300 333 427 to find out more. www.aeds.com.au Introducing the new pbLobbyTrac Pitney Bowes’ new pbLobbyTrac is your all-inone, self-service security solution. pbLobbyTrac provides a seamless solution for managing visitor and employee traffic…

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co-working growth in sydney and melbourne continues

The rapid rise of co-working spaces continues in Australia. In the same week during October, co-working pioneers, Hub Australia and WeWork, opened new spaces that have significantly expanded the presence of the innovative workplace strategy in Australia. Hub Australia opened Victoria’s largest co-working space, Hub Southern Cross, in Melbourne, while New York-based WeWork launched its first Australian site in Sydney. The latest expansion of co-working spaces in Australia follows research earlier this year from commercial real estate company JLL, which identified co-working had grown from 75 spaces globally in 2007 to 7800 spaces in 2015. According to Hub Australia, the HASSELL-designed Southern Cross co-working space leverages years of learning, combined with design driven facilities that have traditionally been the domain of large corporates. Hub Australia chief executive officer and founder, Brad Krauskopf, says…

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the evolution of workplace strategy into a discipline of fm

The aphorism attributed to the late Canadian philosopher Marshall McLuhan*, “We shape our tools and afterwards our tools shape us”, sums up neatly the implication of advancing technological change for current workspaces. Where office design once proved the living manifestation of the organisational chart, the influence of software industry start-ups and their collaborative workplace technologies means work is now something that can be done from anywhere. Rewriting not just space requirements, but the necessary thinking and communications processes of businesses is in turn creating an opening for a new workplace management discipline. It is one with perhaps profound implications for the property professionals of the future, not least facility managers. Currently, this space comprises a few lone operators describing themselves as ‘workplace strategists’, on the back of their success in managing a corporate relocation. And…

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to be the best

Marty Craggill was one of Australia’s top professional motorcyclists, winning the country’s Superbike Championship twice in a storied career, and riding in the US for a decade, before the GFC hit in 2008 and the sport took a definite body blow. “Motorcycling is a luxury, so that sort of stopped,” he recalls. “Sponsorship stopped.” He had a contract to go back, but unlike many in his position he found himself with a more enticing option. Living near Melbourne Airport, Craggill, who’s a boilermaker/ship maker by trade, wanted to keep busy in the off-season and began doing some welding for an electrician. This brought him into contact with the head of facilities, who was struggling with an unreliable maintenance company. “He was having problems getting a local guy to turn up to…