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Facility Management

Facility Management December - January 2019

Facility Management is Australasia's premier independent magazine addressing the needs of professional building and property managers and their suppliers. Readers are interested in the latest information regarding the operation, efficiency and design of commercial buildings.

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editor's letter

Human invention – it can be a truly wondrous thing. Technology and its progression is something that has defined our lives for a long time, and every era is marked by the innovations of the time. When you say 1980s, I immediately think of John Cusack with a boombox outside Ione Skye’s window, or Kevin Bacon with his tape deck, Moving Pictures and a deserted warehouse, because this was the decade of the boombox and the cassette tape. Aside from showing my enthusiasm for 1980s films, this shows how eras can be marked and identified by their technology and innovations. The 90s ushered in the era of the compact disc, while the post-millennial years saw the rise of digital and shared music. The iPod brings to mind the noughties while the…

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renewable energy for childcare centres

Australian energy storage company RedFlow Limited has signed an agreement to supply 32 zinc-bromine flow batteries for two new state-of-the-art children’s centres in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. The Knox Children and Family Centres at Wantirna South (scheduled to open in January 2019) and Bayswater (opening March 2019) will each include 100 kilowatts of photovoltaic solar panels and 16 RedFlow ZBM2 batteries, storing as much as 160 kilowatt-hours of energy. Renewable energy with RedFlow storage is expected to generate annual energy cost savings of $140,000 for each site. The advantages of RedFlow’s zinc-bromine flow batteries include: • the ability to discharge 100 percent of their stored energy daily without damaging the battery• sustained energy storage capacity for 10 years• tolerance of warm temperatures, and• inherent safety with a non-flammable electrolyte. RedFlow partner Torus Group is installing…

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property development company qm will transform its business

QM Properties will use global enterprise company IFS to transform its business and property management. The IFS Applications solution will be deployed at more than 20 of QM’s sites to provide real-time data access, property life cycle management, CRM and mobility capabilities as part of a multimillion-dollar technology investment, and will transform its business with customer experience improvements. Key to the business transformation of QM Properties is the consolidation of business systems across finance, HR, sales and customer relationship management, project management and property management into a single unified system. This will streamline many business processes and provide access to integrated, real-time information and reporting. The addition of CRM and mobile functionality will drive customerexperience improvements, as will the deployment of mobile ready capabilities for property life cycle management, including purchasing, construction,…

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new fm products

Dyson for Business Technology solutions for business environments Dyson has a range of technology products for public, leisure and workspaces. Each machine is designed with productivity and well-being in mind – helping to improve the experiences of your employees and guests. Dyson’s commercial division sells Dyson Airblade hand dryers, Dyson CSYS Task lights, Dyson CU Beam suspended lights and all of the consumer range in a B2B capacity: Dyson vacuums, Dyson Supersonic hair dryers and Dyson purifiers, fans and heaters. www.dyson.com.au/forbusiness Ektor Mobile Monitor emergency lighting on the go The Ektor Mobile system makes it easy to monitor and maintain emergency lighting installations from a mobile device. Emergency devices connect to the Cloud via the Wi-Fi network, removing the complexity usually associated with emergency lighting monitored systems. www.ektor.com.au USG Boral Ensemble Acoustical Plasterboard Ceiling System Architects, interior designers…

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space sense continuum

While we’re quite blessed for liveable space in Australia, especially in comparison to other countries and cities the population numbers of which outweigh the balance of liveable space, it is becoming an increasingly debated and sought after asset. Australia’s population is one of the fastest growing in the world, and with its increase comes the need to make the most and best use of the space we have. That is to say, it’s vital for buildings and facilities to make use of as much of their space as physically possible. It’s this line of thought that has led global software solutions company Honeywell to develop the Vector Space Sense – “a smarter way to manage building spaces and make every square foot count”. A building’s value is based on what it can…

12 min
rise of the machines

Technology has been a part of our lives, and a major part at that, for a long time. It’s integrated itself into every minute of our every day with ease and, for the most part, we barely notice it anymore. In the early years of the technological revolution, people thought the same way about moving pictures as many of us feel today about robots and the automation revolution. That is to say, when they witnessed the very first recorded footage of a train steaming towards the camera, they panicked and fled, believing a real train was barrelling towards them. This footage, shot by the Lumière Brothers in 1896 and entitled Arrival of a Train, is one of the most enduring recollections from the earliest years of cinema, and it took some…