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Facility Management

Facility Management June - July 2016

Facility Management is Australasia's premier independent magazine addressing the needs of professional building and property managers and their suppliers. Readers are interested in the latest information regarding the operation, efficiency and design of commercial buildings.

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editor's comment

The rapid emergence of smart environments on the Australian landscape continues to capture the imagination of facility management professionals. Exactly how smart cities, smart buildings and smart workplaces will impact the industry is not entirely clear just yet. But what is certain is that FM professionals will be required to broaden their skill base to complement this evolution as it develops further. Smart buildings and workplaces are becoming the new norm. It is now standard for developers to invest in these technological capabilities to accommodate for the demands of our future workplaces. At the Total Facilities conference in Melbourne earlier this year the evolution of the built environment and workplace dominated discussion. It seemed everyone who attended had a strong opinion on what the ideal smart building should look like and how that…

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content partner contributions

A Facility Management content partner is an organisation with which we’ve entered into a partnership to collaborate on content for the magazine. In this issue, thought leaders from respective organisations are: ASSA ABLOY’S ANDREW EVANS Andrew Evans is national sales manager - Access Control and has almost 10 years’ experience in the security management and access control market. He is wellversed in the capabilities of cutting edge wireless security such as Aperio – developed to complement new and existing access control systems. ISS AUSTRALIA’S PATRICK VELLA Patrick Vella is technical services and energy manager for ISS Australia. Within ISS, he has delivered analysis and advice to site leads and senior management on all areas of energy consumption and efficiency, and provided cost-effective solutions and technical direction across 13 countries. SCHINDLER LIFTS’ DARRIN CORRIGAN Darrin Corrigan has…

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BuildingIQ expands FM capabilities through consolidation Cloud-based energy management company BuildingIQ continues to grow its services for the FM industry through new partnerships and acquisitions. The Australian company has established a relationship with AMP Technologies, which it says will help reduce operating costs for commercial building owners, managers and real estate investment trusts (REITs). Under the agreement, qualified customers will have the opportunity to use both BuildingIQ’s predictive energy optimisation platform and AMP’s commercial real estate business intelligence platform. According to BuildingIQ, the two platforms will enable users to reduce operational costs and gain a competitive advantage when managing commercial assets. BuildingIQ chief executive Michael Nark says, “Buildings that are not utilising cloud-based technology to improve energy consumption and operations are using practices that are quickly becoming antiquated. BuildingIQ is essentially a subscription for creating…

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new fm products

NHP delivers retrofitting solution Air circuit breakers (ACBs) are commonly used in low-voltage switchboards and, due to their typically passive operation, are often forgotten about until there is a trip or circuit breaker failure. The consequences can be financially costly and potentially dangerous to personnel. To help address this issue, NHP provides ‘retrofit kit’ solutions, allowing end users to modernise ACBs with minimal downtime. The NHP solution is designed to Australian standards and recognised industrial practices, ensuring controlled removal of ACBs. With retrofit and upgrade options for most ACB brands and models, NHP works within existing switchboard environments to provide cost-effective solutions. www.nhp.com.au NHP’s smart energy management controller NHP offers an energy management controller that is the ideal web server-based solution for monitoring small- to medium-size installations. The VMU-C controller gathers data from measuring…

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smart environments: what do they mean for fm?

Our buildings are moving into a new era – evolving at a rapid pace to accommodate for new technologies and the modern day requirements of workforces. Each new development or retrofit now involves so-called smart capabilities that are connecting building inhabitants like never before. Technology has instigated this building evolution; however, the influence people have is proving just as important, with behavioural change widely viewed as a decisive factor that will make this transition a success. So what is the ideal smart building? “I think it is a micro-economic centre,” Preeti Bajaj, vice president, commercial transformation and smart cities, at Schneider Electric Australia, tells FM. “It is a place where people collaborate, they are productive and the role of the built environment is really providing all of the technology seamlessly to the people who inhabit…

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technology fitouts drive transition to agile environment

Modern workplaces are changing, with more companies discovering that an increasingly flexible approach to corporate life can lead to greater productivity, lower staff turnover and a more enjoyable, allround workplace experience. However, the ability to radically alter the traditional ‘desk-phone-and-PC’ set-up is not easily gained, and relies on several important factors, not least of which is an advanced, agile yet stable IT environment. According to Frank Mulcahy, from IT mobility specialist Experteq, in many cases business process has become moulded over time by technology, rather than the other way around. “Employees have become limited by the way legacy technology enables them to work instead of having the flexibility to work as, where and how they require to meet productivity levels,” says Mulcahy. “Also, staff increasingly wish to bring lifestyle technology to work, rather…