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Facility Management

Facility Management October - November 2015

Facility Management is Australasia's premier independent magazine addressing the needs of professional building and property managers and their suppliers. Readers are interested in the latest information regarding the operation, efficiency and design of commercial buildings.

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editor’s comment

Despite its rapid development and diversification in the last decade or two, facilities management (FM) is still suffering from an identity crisis. What working in FM exactly entails remains a contentious issue. This issue of Facility Management looks at what FM constitutes, what a facility manager is and how the FM profession can be enhanced. These key issues are the building blocks of the discipline. Without cohesion, development of FM will likely remain fragmented. One thing is certain though: the focus of FM is clearly on the workplace. Our lead feature has Loralyn Mears charting the future of FM, how it’s changing and the biggest challenges ahead. Martin Leitch boldly questions if we can unify workplace silos in his column, FM Insight. While we’re on the topic of the workplace, and as…

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content partner contributions

A Facility Management Content Partner is an organisation with which we’ve entered into a partnership to collaborate on content for the magazine (see page numbers listed for each). In this issue, thought leaders from respective organisations are: SCHINDLER LIFTS’ COLIN CARTY Colin Carty, director – Technical and Field Support at Schindler Lifts, has more than 12 years’ experience in the vertical transport industry. As a director on the national board, he is responsible for product quality and safety, quality assurance, employee technical training and technical support. ASSA ABLOY’S DAVID WARD David Ward, business development manager – Wireless Access Control at ASSA ABLOY, has more than 15 years’ experience in security management and access control services. David is well-versed in the capabilities of cutting edge wireless security such as Aperio – developed to complement new…

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Brookfield Multiplex has added another new apartment tower to Melbourne’s city skyline with the recent completion of ‘Tower 4’, the third stage of Far East Consortium’s Upper West Side in Melbourne’s CBD. Prominently located on a corner site, Upper West Side is bound by Little Bourke Street, Lonsdale Street, Spencer Street and Rose Alley. Almost half a city block in size, it is one of the largest residential construction projects currently being undertaken in Melbourne. Once complete, it will comprise four residential towers with a combined total of just over 2200 apartments, the largest roof garden in the southern hemisphere and a retail arcade joining all four towers with 34 retail tenancies, it will also add two new laneways to the city. Other amenities for Upper West Side residents will include two…

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new fm products

Meet the demands of a fluid work environment with OptiLine 50 Clipsal by Schneider Electric has launched OptiLine 50 – a complete building fitout cable management solution. A series of click-in, click-out outlets, USB and data points, floor boxes, poles and posts, trunking and furniture boxes, the system has been designed to keep the workspace agile and fluid. The secret of the new system is 25 percent fewer parts, and a simple installation method that’s 50 percent quicker. This simplicity enables you to move and alter components when a change occurs, meaning a building’s occupancy rate and rental yield are kept high. www.clipsal.com/optiline50 Dyson Airblade – sleek and powerful The fastest to dry hands hygienically with HEPA filtered air, the new Dyson Airblade hand dryers are powered by the Dyson digital motor V4 –…

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the future of facilities management

Facilities management was not even recognised as an industry until the early 1980s when the IFMA (International Facility Management Association) was formed. It began as a role that married the physical assets of buildings with the intangible and generally ill-defined collection of services that were performed on and in those buildings. Over time, an increasing number of tasks have been added to the role of FM site leader, with safety, corporate policy and regulatory compliance rising to prominence above cost management, but the pool of experts with these skills is small – and shrinking. What’s more, the environmental and societal impact of the building and the services delivered within have further expanded the role of FM. In the beginning, back in the day of the three-martini lunch and nine-to-five, managers had…

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unifying workplace silos

The nature of work is changing from being materials-based to information-based. To accommodate this, the workplace is also changing by responding to the need for increased flexibility in how, when and where work is done. Organisations are becoming more structured around new ways of working and new work processes that are independent of fixed physical spaces. Facilitated by the growth in international trade agreements, the increasing demand for low-cost consumer products is driving manufacturing to countries with preferential labour costs. Many low-skilled jobs are being easily replaced with technological solutions, a trend that is destined to accelerate. The resulting vacuum of manual work processes is being filled with knowledge workers. Many of these are represented by younger generations that have different values, standards and work expectations than previous generations. But knowledge work…