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Gardening Australia April 2021

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Australia’s number one monthly gardening resource, ABC Gardening Australia magazine is packed with step-by-step advice and stunning design ideas from its popular team of experts. Whether you are a novice gardener or have a green thumb and years of experience, you’ll find the advice you need.

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I was driving through the outskirts of Sydney the other day, in an area where a lot of our fresh greens and turf are grown. Large slices of land have been fenced off and cleared, which I’m told is to make way for houses and shops. It got me thinking: where will the fresh food for us urban dwellers come from once we’ve concreted over much of the land it’s grown on? My next thought was, “We’ll have to grow more in our backyards!” That’s a simplistic solution, of course, to a large and complex problem, but as gardeners, we do have the power to grow some of our own food, and I find it one of the most satisfying aspects of gardening. It’s certainly what gets our horticultural editor Phil Dudman…

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Featuring lush green foliage, new Philodendron ‘Little Phil’ creates a tropical feel in the home or garden. This compact variety has stems that won’t climb all over the desk, table or patio. It tolerates light to heavy shade and grows to 35cm high and wide, making it suitable for green walls or underneath trees. Grow as an indoor plant in colder climates. ozbreed.com.au Miniature rose ‘Mandarin’ (far left) produces dark salmon blooms with a hint of pink on a 50cm-high shrub, making it ideal for small gardens or containers. It was judged the Most Pest and Disease Tolerant Rose at the National Rose Trial Garden of Australia Trial Awards in 2019. If you love roses in soft, peachy and apricot tones, new Floribunda ‘Heaven On Earth’ (top left) will delight with its…

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FLOWER COLOUR THEORY Darroch and Michael Putnam Phaidon This beautifully illustrated and informative book by two of New York’s go-to floral designers provides inspirational displays and guidance to creating gorgeous flower arrangements. Building on colour, flower selection and seasonality, it features 175 floral compositions, from classic to daring. Each spread briefly lists the colours and flowers used, along with a helpful tip, and provides a colour bar down the side. Also included are perforated pages featuring each colour bar and caption, enabling readers to take swatches with them when sourcing flowers. Appendices include information on colour theory, a glossary of key terms, advice on designing wedding table floral displays, and suggestions for various vases. YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING Todd Alexander HarperCollins Publishers Australia In his second book, Todd Alexander continues to share the ups…

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purple reign

Driving through Alstonville in Northern New South Wales at this time of year, you’re likely to notice a lot of purple. It comes from the village’s massed plantings of tibouchinas, in particular the variety that's named after the town. Tibouchina lepidota ‘Alstonville’ grows as a small tree, to about 5–6m high, that comes alive with rich purple flowers. Despite their affinity with Australian conditions, tibouchinas are not native plants but come from parts of South America, including Brazil. It was the breeder and nurseryman Ken Dunstan (1926–1996), who was responsible for introducing tibouchinas to Alstonville some 60 years ago. Street plantings of tibouchinas grown by Ken helped to boost the popularity of the plant, not just in northern New South Wales but also in gardens across the country. Although tibouchinas were growing…

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native tibouchina

Looking very much like a shrubby tibouchina, and closely related to the South American genus, is the native Melastoma affine, commonly called blue tongue. Both plants are part of the same family, Melastomanaceae. The native version has velvety leaves and blooms with purple to pinky white flowers from spring to summer. It grows best in warm temperate to tropical gardens in a lightly shaded spot with protection from frost. It’s found naturally across tropical and subtropical Australia and in parts of Asia.…

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sunny side up

I am always pleased to see a gordonia growing in a garden. It’s usually an older, more established garden, as these plants are not commonly used in contemporary designs. However, this is such a rewarding plant that it deserves to be highlighted in the modern garden. I planted my first gordonia in a friend’s garden about 45 years ago. Every time I visit in autumn, it’s flowering its head off and growing with very little attention. Gordonias originate from China and Taiwan, with a couple of species from north America. The one most commonly available in Australia is Gordonia axillaris, which is an evergreen shrub to small tree with glossy, deep green leaves. The large flowers are 10cm or more wide, with pure white petals and a striking centre of yellow stamens,…