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Grazia Issue 735

Grazia combines 'A-list' celebrity exclusives with thought-provoking, real-life features and agenda-setting fashion. Each week we bring you: - 'A-lister' celebrity news and gossip - The very latest in fashion news and trends - What's hot NOW - Amazing real-life stories - Reports from all the key fashion shows around the world. Love fashion and celebrities? Then you'll love Grazia!

United Kingdom
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1 min
welcome to the issue

GIVEN WHAT A MESS we’re making of politics right now, it’s easy to forget there are some brilliant things about Britain; not least our cutting-edge design. This issue is dedicated to the talented people working in fashion, beauty and interiors – stimulating our economy, yes, but also just making beautiful things. My favourite? Heritage brand Smythson has been given a stylish makeover; check out their new Half Moon bag for evidence. We’re also celebrating another Great British brand: the Beckhams. On the eve of their 20th wedding anniversary, Jane Mulkerrins speaks to those who have played a part in the making of a mega-couple and asks why we’re still so fascinated. @hattie_brett / feedback@graziamagazine.co.uk…

2 min
over to you...

PARENTAL POTENTIAL Having read Why women need to wise up to the pension penalty (17 June), I feel people need to be careful about comments such as ‘having a career in marketing and being a mum doesn’t work unless you find the most amazing employer’. Many mums-to-be hold limiting beliefs about what’s possible career-wise and this fosters the sense that we have to choose – be a mum or have a career. There are amazing employers out there. And plenty of average ones where brilliant mums are thriving. Some firms even hire parental coaches to support both men and women through the parental transition. Because it’s not just women who become parents and want to balance a happy home life with a successful career. Roxanne FLEX APPEAL Do you work like an owl…

1 min
letter of the week

MISSING AND MISSED I was saddened by ‘My friend Claudia wasn’t treated as a missing person, but as a woman of loose morals’ (24 June). Not only that she is still missing, but her character was tainted by the media, which looks for the development of a story beyond someone who is missing. Because Claudia was falsely portrayed as having loose morals, her case was not given the urgency it should have been. I have a cousin who has been missing for 13 years. I don’t know if he’s dead or alive. All we want to do is bring him home, because every day is like a living hell. There is no resolution to enable us all to move on. My heart goes out to Claudia’s family and friends. Abigail…

2 min
grazia uk

EDITOR HATTIE BRETT PA/Editorial assistant MELISSA HENRY Acting PA/Editorial assistant ISABELLA D’EMILIO 020 3879 2294 Deputy editor CAROLINE BARRETT Assistant editor CHARLOTTE WILLIAMSON Acting assistant editor EMMA ROWLEY Production director LISA HOWARD Features director EMILY PHILLIPS Acting features director HATTIE CRISELL Celebrity director GUY PEWSEY Copy Production editor JENNY CROALL Chief sub editor MARIA O’CONNOR Features 020 3879 2313 Commissioning and special projects editor RHIANNON EVANS Deputy features editor ANNA SILVERMAN News & Entertainment Junior news editor HARRIET KEAN EDITOR-AT-LARGE POLLY VERNON EDITOR-AT-LARGE(CELEBRITY) EMILY MADDICK CONTRIBUTING EDITOR (INVESTIGATIONS) STACEY DOOLEY Lifestyle grazialifestyle@graziamagazine.co.uk Lifestyle editor RACHEL LOOS Website graziadaily.co.uk Digital director REBECCA HOLMAN Director of audience development IAN BETTERIDGE Fashion and beauty editor HANNAH BANKS-WALKER Social media editor PHOEBE PARKE Digital writer GEORGIA ASPINALL Digital showbusiness and culture writer BONNIE McLAREN Commercial content editor ARIANNA CHATZIDAKIS Digital assistant SOFIA TINDALL Contributors Contributing editors POLLY DUNBAR, FIONA COWOOD, LOUISE GANNON, MELANIE RICKEY US contributing editor JANE MULKERRINS Advertising 020 7295…

1 min
grazia view

“Let’s not play party politics over violence against women” Last week, Mark Field was suspended as a Foreign Office minister after he was filmed manhandling a female climate-change protestor at a banquet. Footage showed the Tory MP shoving the woman against a pillar, before grabbing her by the neck and marching her out of the event. Amid outrage at his actions – as Grazia went to press, police were looking into the incident and Field had apologised, saying he reacted ‘instinctively’ – some of his supporters argued that his actions were justified. These are turbulent political times. But surely we can all agree that violence against women should be condemned, whatever your politics.…

2 min
don’t shoot the message man – just don’t message him back

I’VE IDENTIFIED A new species of man. It happened after this guy I vaguely know started sliding into my Instagram DMs. He’s hot and I’m me (a terrible flirt who’s been in a relationship for so long she can be naive when it comes to managing the dynamics of modern intergender interaction), so I indulge it (or, more accurately: ‘enjoy it’) at first. In my defence, he’s hot… SORRY, I mean: connected to a real-life friendship group. I assumed he’d feel socially accountable enough to not massively cross any boundaries, anything that could render things mega-awks when our paths crossed IRL (which they do, at least once a month). And anyway, I knew I could handle this! I’d been very clear, very early on, that I’m with someone; plus my advanced…