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welcome to the issue

DOES ANYONE ELSE feel as if for the last 10 weeks, their WhatsApp has been buzzing with only one topic: Love Island. Or, more specifically, one woman: Maura Higgins. Her sexual confidence sparked conversations about slut-shaming and consent; her behaviour with Amy, a debate about the so-called ‘girl-code’. But for all the views about modern day feminism that were projected onto Maura while she was inside the villa, what does summer’s most talked about woman think about these herself now she’s out? We found out in a revealing interview on page 38 – and there’s more from Maura online at graziadaily.co.uk. @hattie_brett / feedback@graziamagazine.co.uk…

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over to you...

NOT FOREVER FRIENDS Emma Jane Unsworth’s article (‘My friendship break-up is now a hit film’, 5 Aug) made me contemplate the end of my 22-year friendship. For me, it was like any other relationship. Once out of it, I could clearly see the damage it did to me and my self-esteem. Like most relationships however, it’s not all bad and you miss the good times. Life is too short for fallouts, but also too short to put up with ‘stuff ’. Marie Crozier SERIOUSLY, EMILY What a great shame Emily Thornberry, a potentially inspirational female MP, spoiled What’s up in Westminster? (5 Aug) by saying Silk Cut, gin and her husband making her breakfast every morning is what’s getting her through the week. Really? Not the drive and passion to make a positive…

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war of words

Just read ‘I thought abuse was purely physical’ (5 Aug)… My heart is beating fast. I went through all of that and more. I was married for eight years and actually yelled at him please just hit me, as I thought the pain would be over more quickly than the psychological abuse he was throwing at me. What followed was real threats to my life ending with an act of violence. My divorce was finalised two years ago but whenever there is communication, he still thinks he can use abusive language towards me. Name withheld…

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grazia uk

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grazia view

“We want new stories on screen It’s a topic that has anyone who was a child in the ’90s debating furiously: no, not who was the best Spice Girl, but if the films of our childhood should be remade. This year alone we’ve seen reboots of Aladdin, The Lion King and Dumbo. So when Disney announced a Home Alone remake last week, the internet cried: ‘Enough!’ Don’t tarnish our memories of a Christmas classic with something that can never replicate the nostalgic magic of the original. Plus, there are hundreds of new stories to be told; we don’t want to watch studios rehash their back catalogues. Let’s give new ideas a chance – and those two Home Alone bungling burglars a break.”…

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you’re either early to airports – or you’re wrong

THERE ARE TWO types of people in the world. Those who get to airports early; who take the ‘arrive 90 mins before departure’ advice seriously, calculate their home-to-gate travel time to the nearest micro second, allow an hour on top for bad traffic, then an hour on top of that for luck (we shall call these people ‘the good people’), and those who get to airports late, who view racing through them à toute vitesse and in genuine peril of missing their flight as some kind of extreme sport, who think the ‘gates closing’ announcement is for ‘other people, not us’, who give not one fig for The Rules… We shall call these people ‘monsters’. ‘Perverts’. ‘A pox upon humanity’. I am team early-to-airport. Always have been. I’ve made a lifestyle…