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Guitar Techniques

May 2019

Take the UK's foremost guitar teachers and players, and transfer their finesse and passion for music into a magazine! The magazine has established itself with guitarists who wish to better themselves as musicians in both the UK, Europe and as far afield as the USA and Hong Kong! When it comes to choosing music, GT's Abba to Zappa policy means that there's always something for everyone! Please note: This digital version of the magazine does not currently include the covermount items or content you would find on printed newsstand copies

United Kingdom
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just a few of your regular gt technique experts...

SIMON BARNARD Simon is a graduate of ACM and The Guitar Institute, holding a Masters degree in music. He teaches, examines and plays everything from rock to jazz. SHAUN BAXTER One of the UK’s most respected music educators, Shaun has taught many who are now top tutors themselves. His Jazz Metal album is considered a milestone. RICHARD BARRETT One of the finest blues and rock guitarist we know, Richard is a stalwart columnist for Total Guitar, Guitarist and GT. He’s also Tony Hadley’s touring six-stringer. JON BISHOP Jon is one of those great all-rounders who can turn his hand to almost any style. No ‘Jack of all trades and master of none’, he nails every one with ease!. MARTIN GOULDING…

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neville.marten@futurenet.com CHORDS FORM THE backbone to almost all music. Whether it’s the luscious arrangements of classical composers like Thomas Tallis; Hilton Valentine’s timeless intro to House Of The Rising Son, or Joe Pass’s wondrous jazz accompaniments, it’s all about harmony. And that means chords.Our earliest brush with chords is usually our earliest brush with the guitar. A friend showed me open A minor and I found other ‘shapes’ that my musical mother told me the names to. I put these ‘shapes’ to the songs I was learning and it began to fall into place.Except it hadn’t, really. I didn’t for once consider that the chords were made up from scale tones, with certain intervals dictating each chord’s nature. I was mostly playing six-string beginner ‘shapes’ or barre chords (once my…

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Tap the links Finding your way around the magazine is easy. Tapping the feature titles on the cover or the contents page, takes you straight to the relevant articles. Any web and email links in the text are tappable too! Animated tab & audio All the mag’s main lessons have the audio built in with a moving cursor that shows you exactly where you are in the music. Simply tap the ‘play’ button and you’re off - you can fast-forward or scroll back at will. Play the videos Certain articles have accompanying videos full of useful insight and additional information. Once again, tap the play buttons to enjoy video masterclasses on your iPad (recommended) or smartphone. PLUS! * PLEASE NOTE: Only…

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food for thought

Justin talks about ‘sleep’ money in his column this month (TINA K) The changes that have come with the age of the Internet have affected every industry. But for musicians, songwriters and producers, the game has changed drastically, and many people are wondering how to go about keeping a steady income in this new world. Since I’ve made a living through all the shifting dynamics of the industry, I figured there are some hints I can share to help some of you in your own quest to make a living in music. When I was still a teenager, I remember my old man telling me that I should figure out ways to make money while I was asleep. That’s something I’ve had in mind the whole of my life,…

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session shenanigans

Question: How do you persuade a guitar player to turn down? Answer: Put a piece of music in front of him.It seems to be the perceived wisdom that wielders of our particular fretted instrument tend to be less than proficient at accurately transforming written musical information into an aural representation of the intentions of the composer or arranger.Whether or not this has any basis in fact is a matter of opinion. But the perception seems to have taken hold. However, we can all agree that there are a helluva lot of pickers and strummers out there. Therefore, the sheer weight of numbers suggests that there must be a fair number of ‘em that struggle. I will concede from the outset that the guitar is relatively unusual in that -…

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instrumental inquisition!

CoNCePt AND APPRoACH GT: It’s great to have a new Paul Gilbert album. Can you tell us how it all came about? PG: Well, a new album gives me a chance to play guitar, write new music, jam with great musicians, take new photos, and pay the rent. All good things. So I do them again and again. GT: What prompted the title? PG: My original title was very long. I wanted to warm up the listener to the idea that I would be combining a lot of different styles. So my title was ‘Behold My Rock, Blues, Jazz, Pop, Metal, Electric Guitar Album’. Or something like that. I know my reputation is built on ‘shredding’, but I’m really into blues and jazz lately, so I wanted…