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Home & Design Trends

Home & Design Trends

Vol. 8 No. 5

Home & Design Trends is one of the most widely read architecture and design magazines in the world today. The Indian edition launched as the Home TRENDS series, the magazine aims to meet the demand for a world-class reference source on architecture and design for the both professionals and home makers alike. With its outstanding and pertinent features, Home & Design Trends raises the bar by catering to the varied and evolving design sensibilities of today's India. This is Bookazine for professionals and is a very practical source of ideas and inspiration with comprehensive details of each project featured. "

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We’ve heard enough about the new normal, isolation, lockdown, and the ensuing uncertainties. But let’s focus on the positives this time. As the world went into lockdown, instead of becoming complacent and resigning to the situation, we collectively rose to the situation. Reacting and connecting in ways we’d never thought possible. While we think that the world has come to a standstill, I am of the opinion that right now, we are just about poised for a growth trajectory. Especially in the design segment. Think about it, we are doing virtual events, talking collaborative design, we are more aware of the need for a sustainable way of thinking. It’s as if the lockdown has propelled us a little into the future. All we have to do now is keep up with…

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what is design?

This is one of those perennial questions I tend to sit with for days. And each time, I draw out an answer or a conclusion or inference that suits whatever frame of mind I’m in. To put it simply, the answer is different each time, and I’m okay with that. Because I realise that design, by its very nature, is at the centre of evolution, and I’d be quite disappointed if I was stuck with the exact same answer over the years. At the outset, I also believe very strongly that there’s a designer in each one of us. And as individuals, each one of us has a unique and ever-changing understanding of what design means to us. The way we live, the things we do, our belief systems, the choices…

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design in context

‘POOL’ TABLES When we use the power of imagination, we open up new ways of exploring an object and invoking and creating memories. Marcelo Alvarenga and Susana Bastos of ALVA tap into this human power with the Piscinas collection of tables. The Portuguese word for ‘swimming pools’, Piscinas is made using reused tiles, wood and steel, which cover the ‘reality’ aspect of the experience. The designers have attempted to strip the normal significance of the tables, and give it new meaning. TIMBER TRIALS London-based furniture brand Jan Hendzel Studio has launched its first-ever full collection of furniture entitled Bowater. The collection has nine pieces, including sturdy furniture and decorative accessories, all crafted from timbers sourced exclusively from the British woodlands, with a combination of traditional handcrafting and modern digital processes. The collection puts…

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Walls, both within and outside our homes, express so much. And when combined with art, the impact is immediate and often transformative. With this as the basis of their collaboration with Asian Paints, St+art India builds on the idea of taking a regular wall and having a local artist transform it into a mouthpiece for urban interventions. These three works of art by up and coming artists across the country touch upon our homes and communities, and the emotions that reside within them.…

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made by hand

“THE desire to make things withour hands is universal and a significant human expression. While some handicrafts are means of survival, making objects with our hands serves as a creative release,” explains Marisa Yiu, Co-founder and Executive Director of Design Trust, Hong Kong and Lead Curator of the community group’s latest project, Design Trust: Critically Homemade. Her words ring absolutely true for this initiative, which was aimed at bringing the local and international design community together during the pandemic and address critical social and environmental needs through creative thinking. The unique challenge of this project, that every one of the 70+ participants thrived on, was to create resilient, sustainable, homemade prototypes of objects sized at 20 x 20 x 20cm maximum, within three weeks. They were encouraged to look at prevalent…

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the big picture

Piano-playing, theatre-loving, Emmy and Tony award-winning, kaleidoscope-collecting, philanthropist and world-renowned architect David Rockwell is not, well, just a world-renowned architect. He’s a storyteller, and a compelling one at that, who likes to pull and tug at the root of every project and then put it out there in full bloom, for everyone to experience. He does this for his larger-than-life Broadway sets, majestic hotels and restaurants, conscientious public spaces and experiential theatres, cataloguing a portfolio that spans multiple countries, hundreds of projects and a prolific 35-year-long career. Rockwell is the founder of Rockwell Group, a multi-disciplinary architecture and design firm that has made its mark with award-winning projects in the spheres of hospitality, culture, education and theatre. Based in New York city, with a satellite office in Madrid, the firm also…